Ben Carson: Trump Talking About 'Biggest Stimulus Since FDR's New Deal'

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    For you guys and gals that liked Carson, I think he will be an integral part of a Trump administration.

    Dr. Ben Carson says Donald Trump is "talking about some real clear things" to improve the lives of African Americans who are living in poverty.

    One is a school-choice/voucher system. And the other is a new stimulus plan:

    "We have had in-depth discussions about the $2.1 trillion that are overseas," Carson, a Trump adviser, told "Fox News Sunday," referring to American companies that incorporate overseas to avoid the heavy U.S. tax burden.

    Carson said Trump wants to repatriate some of that money, but instead of have the companies pay taxes to sell their products in the U.S., Trump would stipulate that "ten percent has to be used in enterprise zones and to create jobs for people who are unemployed, underemployed or on welfare.

    "You want to talk about a stimulus, that would be the biggest stimulus since FDR's New Deal, and it wouldn't cost the taxpayers one penny," Carson said. "It gets corporate America once again involved in their communities, which they used to be before the government took over and made a mess of it."

    Carson, a Detroit native, accompanied Trump to that failing city on Saturday, as Trump addressed a black congregation, telling them, his plans for economic change "will be so good for Detroit and so good for this community because we're going to bring jobs back."

    Asked what his visit accomplished, Carson noted that the Republican Party has traditionally "written off" the African-American community" as "Democrat territory."

    "Donald Trump is changing that narrative and is really starting to talk about this in a very serious way," Carson said. " And I've had many discussions can him about it...And what is going to be accomplished is something that many in the Democratic Party fear, and this is an alternative -- an alternative to, you know, promises that are not kept.

    "And look at the situation that's going on in our inner cities with the school systems. You look at the incarceration rates that are going on, the broken homes, out of wedlock births, the economic situation. This is not good.

    And, of course, it doesn't apply to all blacks, you know? But we have a substantial number of blacks living in our inner cities. And if our inner cities are weak and are not prospering, how can the entire nation prosper? And that is really the goal."