Being a NYC cabbie bites

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    Dracula Wannabe Wanted For Biting NYC Cabbie

    NYPD Searching For Blood-Thirsty Robbery Suspect Who Repeatedly Gouged Driver All Over During Attempted Heist

    NEW YORK (CBS) ―

    The NYPD is looking for this man, who looks a lot like Dracula, for allegedly biting a cabbie in the neck during an attempted robbery.

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    When the driver got the upper hand -- the robber bit the driver. All over.

    Police are looking all over for a Hispanic male in his 30s who was wearing a bloack jacket.

    He was sitting in the back of a livery cab. Some time after a photo was snapped he tried to rob Mahmoud Seck. During a furious fight, the would-be robber bit Seck in the neck, near his elbow, his back and his head. Seck, from Senegal, said the crook in his back seat told him he was about to die when he demanded the money.

    "Your family --- expects to see you dead!" Seck said, recounting what he remembers his assailant saying.

    Seck's brother demonstrated how the thief grabbed his neck from behind while holding a gun. But Seck did not give in and went for the gun. And then, somehow, he released the weapon's clip.

    "I'm fight -- I'm fighting him!" Seck explained in broken English.

    The passenger leaned forward and bit the driver in several places and then got out and ran, but not before a camera captured an image of him.

    Seck showed the bites marks to CBS 2 HD, exclaiming, "All from his teeth! All them is teeth!"

    Because the other doors were locked, the man finally jumped out the driver's door and ran. Times being what they are, Seck had to go back to work Thursday night.

    The driver said the robber pulled out a second

    Anyone with information in regards to this attempted Robbery is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477).