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Being a Christian could save you $20 on your next oil change…

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by inthefrey, Apr 29, 2012.

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    “Literal Signs” A true, personal story.(Long but stick with it…)

    To preface this story, I am a Christian. Our particular Christian “organization” is going through some rather hard financial times. Attendance is down and our 125-year assembly is in danger, if things don’t change, of closing its doors in about 3 years.

    Earlier in the week, we were discussing “faith and literal signs” across the dinner table. My 14-year-old daughter says, “I’ve never received any signs that God is real. He’s never done anything to tell me he’s actually there.” The wife, son and I offered the usual, anecdotal things we believe that God does for us every day that are “signs” He’s watching out for us and answering our prayers. This was met with the usual :upeyes: and, “Okay,whatever you say…”

    Yesterday, Mrs. Inthefrey had asked me to run some errands for her. So, begrudgingly, I ventured-out with list in hand. On the way home, I had to stop by the church building to pick up a CD of our weekly radio broadcast to duplicate for our shut-ins. The building was vacant – only me. I checked the pastor’s mailbox andthe CD wasn’t there. :upeyes: "Figures!", I said and I started to leave, then, went into the sanctuary and took a seat in the last pew. I said a prayer for my family,friends, our nation and finally, our church organization. Then, the question my daughter asked me came to me and I said out loud, “are you really there? If you are, let me know?” Now, I had just “tempted” God and you're really not supposed to do that! I sat there, in silence waiting for a bump, creak or something. There was only silence.

    I ended my prayers with a simple thank you for everything God gives us that we take for granted, left the building and locked the door.
    On my way home, I remembered that I was about 1 qt. low on oil and should probably change it soon. As I was pulling into Advanced Auto Parts to get the oil and filter, I got a call from a friend of mind I hadn’t spoke with an about 3 weeks. I said, “hello”, and all I heard was the familiar sound of a “pocket dial”. (rustle-rustle-broken-speech-rustle) I yelled, “Hey Dave! DAAAAAVE!!!” I then hear, “That sounds like John in my pocket!(rustle-rustle) hey! Sorry about that!”, he said as he got the phone to his ear.
    We talked for a moment and then I asked him, “Hey, where can I get Mobile 1 10W30 cheaper than Advanced Auto Parts; Wal-Mart maybe? He said,“Well, if you go online and order it from Advanced, you can save a boatload!” “What’s a boatload?”, I asked. “At least $20”, he said. “Go online and order it from the online store using your phone. The order will be there by the time you get in the door."

    I said thanks, hung up and went to the website and placed the order in the car from my phone. I applied the coupons and my checkout total was discounted by $21.75! I went inside the store and picked up my order I had just placed in the parking lot. As I got in the truck for the drive home, it hit me. There it was, my “sign” and I almost missed it.:supergrin:

    Now, I have no way to prove to anyone else the events of yesterday except the rogue call from a friend I hadn’t spoke to in almost a month and a receipt showing the $20 discount. However, this morning, I placed that extra $20 in the offering plate. God’s Blessings to all from one who has been blessed. Take care, Inthefrey
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