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Because Australia Doesn't Have Raccoons...

  1. I was going to say. Anyone have a big pot?
  2. "Please note that Robber Crabs are protected (and respected) here on Christmas Island"

    Are they protected from punting?
  3. Apparently they can crack a coconut open, but when people are around they get lazy.

  4. "Do robber crabs taste good?
    Yes, it is considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac by many Pacific Islanders. It supposedly tastes like a cross between lobster and crab, but it is not commercially viable for harvesting, according to a site I checked out on Google."
  5. Oh hell no.
  6. Look like they would go great with some melted butter!!!!!
  7. Or swim up your pee-pee, then blow up with thorns protruding.
    PS: Oh nevermind, turns out it's just some internet BS. : (
  8. Ummm..... I would kill for a nice serving or four of schrimps, Alaskan King Crab, proper lobster, fresh mussels in butter and such -- but I just cannot imagine eating that thing! Yes, I'm picky so sue me -- but I'd rather not have to SHOOT my seafood, ya know?

    So this is in Oz (where lots of over-sized non-humans live, so I've read) -- hum... what about NZ?

  9. 20200923_080038.jpg

  10. The crabs figured out that Australia took away everyone's guns so they can't be hurt and the people are spineless to say no you can't. Now the crabs have become peaceful robbers.........
  11. Screenshot_20190525-104513.png
  12. My sister-in-law is Australian. Well Australia was a Penal Colony and NZ was a place where people from Europe wanted to go too.
  13. You need to watch Crocodile Dundee again. Aussies like big knives and fist fighting.
  14. Ah good point, I've seen their knives and fighting skillz!
  15. E307B09C-3672-4C87-B2DA-06A02EE78846.jpeg

    Maybe this will help with scale.....
  16. Species of Vandellia catfish. Very small. Spines on the fins, pectorals, I think. Usually parasitizes gills of larger fish feeding on blood. The theory was (still is, maybe?) that the few times they've nailed some poor dude's urethra is that they mistook the urine stream for water exciting a fish's gills. Ahh...maybe. Think I'd just pass on peeing while waist deep in the Amazon.
  17. Yup... Oz was the British prison ship destination for one side of my 'ancestors' a gazillion years ago.
  18. Would eat.
  19. They have drop bears (Thylarctos plummetus) too.