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Became a certified LEOSA instructor...

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Today I received my certification as a LEOSA (HR-218, so-called) instructor. I’m pleased that MA has put a mechanism in place to comply with this federal law. There are still a few bugs that have to be worked out but nothing to get excited about. My instructor obligations are:

1-Have the students fill out the state mandated application. Keep a copy for one year.

2-Each student has to have an ID card that meets state law requirements. These can be generated by the individual departments and/or a generic LEO ID should be forthcoming from the state fairly soon.

3-Make sure the students have a license to carry in their possession.

4-Complete and forward the appropriate forms to the state police and the retired officer’s agency for both passing and failing officers.

5-Issue the card to the officer (the darn thing is an 8”X11” sheet of paper! – it’ll have to be reduced somehow to wallet size).

6-Send a copy of the card to the officer’s agency.

There’s a nearby range and soon I’ll put together a program for retired officers. Will see how it goes.
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Is this because you live in the communist state of Ma.?

Memo from Sgt. to Chief:
Maybe instead they should have in-service training to teach all the cops who DON'T know what LEOSA is!!!! :crying:

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Hell, you been on the job since 1969, that alone tells me your certifiable.


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A friend of mine qualifies HR 218 retirees.

When I retire out of state, he tells me I can still go through him for certification or I can qualify in my new state of residence.

Funny....the NJSP won't allow him to receive payment for his services. Everything he does is on his own dime.
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