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Beater Glocks

  1. Hi, I'm a new guy here.

    Any of you guys like to buy old used beater Glocks?

    My dealer always seems to have a few. I was thinking about getting one at some point. Is there anything I need to be wary of when buying a used one?

    Oh, also I'm thinking a 2nd gen or 3rd gen gun, not 1st gen.
  2. I like to beat them up myself, but if you can get a really good deal on one, change the springs and you are golden.
  3. Welcome to GT, first and foremost!

    Second, what part of FL are you in?

    Also, IF he has a Glock 34, and will ship to an FFL I may be interested.
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  5. welcome!! the only first gen u will get is a g17 and i love the way the old beater glocks look.
  6. welcome to GT !!!
  7. All my Glocks a beaters,I use them hard.I havn't been let down yet.'08.
  8. Rarely have I ever seen a beat to heck Glock for less than the Individual Officer Sales Program discount price ($398) in my area.
    I guess you could say I have a few "beater" Glocks, but they're all mostly brand new.
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys. I'm in Ocoee, west of Orlando. If I see a 34 I'll let you know.

    How do you get a new spring? I guess my dealer might have some, otherwise, do you order them directly from Glock?
  10. Welcome to GT:wavey:
  11. used beat up glocks are great, they will instill a ton of confidence in glock, and as you beat the hell out of one you will begin to understand just how tough these things are....
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  14. If you send your well used Glock to Glock they will go through it and replace anything that needs replacing for free.
  15. Really?

  16. I know right where ocoee is. I spent the last 2 years (up until August, in Orlando, right by the bridge with Orlando on the side. Exit 78 off I4 by millenia mall. Granted, I lived on the universal side.

    Shame you didn't join when I was still in Orlando! Oh, and if you are in Orlando, on OBT is Reig's Gun Shop (orlandogunshop.com , I4 exit East, past Millenia Mall to Orange Blossom Trail, Turn right go maybe 0.25 miles its on your right) and they are a glock certified store/armorer and Bob (owner) and Tim (short retired Marine/Philipino) are both great to deal with and very helpful!
  17. beater glocks are beautiful....still waiting to get get one....
  18. i want one that i can do all kinds of stuff to like a home stipple job and stuff like that without worrying about messing it up
  19. agreed
  20. I like to beat my glock
  21. That's funny, I used to live there too, in a condo at Cypress Creek back in the days when there was a nice little golf course there (it's gone now).

    I have not been to Reig's in many years. I spend nearly all my $$ at Shoot Straight in Apopka. I know Larry, the manager very well.

    I'll have to take a trip over to Reig's to see if they can beat SS's price on a Gen 4 G22. Thanks for the info!
  22. Problem with these old "beater glocks" is that they can be beat up and shot to h*ll and they're still over $300!! I can get a good quality semi-auto new for less than $400, so I don't see a whole lot of value there.
  23. You must be talking about the Ruger P series.

    Well made guns, but too bulky for me.
  24. Good to know. Do you just ask them to check it out? Also do you need to send and receive it through a FFL or do they just send it to your home? Thanks
  25. It would depend on the price being asked. If it was a good deal, I would buy it.
  26. If I could find old used beater Glocks at good prices, I'd buy them as long as the frame and slide weren't cracked. However, most gun owners not being shooters, the used ones I see are usually in like-new condition. Since good used Glocks cost $400-425 and I can get new ones for $398, I don't usually buy used any more.
  27. I love beater Glocks cause I can fix em up if needed. I have a ton of parts and need guns to put em in. I sent my slide to the 17 and 19 to Tripp for their cobra chrome and now I am pipin with a chrome pin kit on em. I don't like new Glocks with rails, just the older ones.