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Bearing the Load

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by off road, Aug 26, 2011.

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    off road

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    Jun 6, 2011
    I'm a life long backpacker, so I know what it takes to survive comfortably outdoors. Assume just basic equipment, and add in the maximum amount of food that you can carry, and you are full up.....

    There are always these posts about what weapons you would choose in a 'SHTF scenario'. Imagine a scenario where you aren't near home, your home is eliminated anyway, or you have to flee when a SHTF event goes down. You can't stay where you are. Just how far are you going to get in a vehicle on one tank of gas...assuming the roads are even passable? So, you are now on foot if you want to/need to be mobile.

    Go kit up for a long term hike, then add on the weight of all the guns and ammo for that 3 or 4 gun combo you listed last time you answered one of those 'SHTF' posts. A .22 cal 12.5 oz. S&W 317 Kit Gun...and 1000 rounds (two bricks), is sounding pretty realistic to me right now! Maybe at 12 oz., a 3" Airlite/Ti S&W 360SC Kit Gun (.38/.357) and 200 rounds 140 gr Hornady XTP? A 20 oz. G26 and 200 rounds of 115 gr?

    .....vs the M4, shotgun, G23, and J-frame in my pocket, I was imagining before I came to my senses! Which is worth more, an extra gun with ammo, or an extra week of food?
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