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Beanie Weenies

  1. As a kid, hot dogs and baked beans were just called "beanie weenies." That was what everyone called it. As I got older and met more people from different areas, I discovered that the name of this fine dish is different depending on region. So far, I've heard:

    - Beanie weenies
    - Franks and beans
    - Cowboy stew
    - Chuck wagon
    - And some others I cannot recall.....

    How odd.
  2. Interesting.
  3. Van Kamps sells this product under the brand name Beanee Weenee
  4. Ditto.
  5. I've known it all my life as "beans and franks".
  6. I buy em by the case at Sams! Part of my preps and a great snack on the river.
  7. No matter what you call em, theyre good.
  8. I used to go to my parents every Sunday for dinner in my 20's just so they knew I made it through the week without drinking myself to death.One Sunday it didn't happen so I popped in on Monday night instead.My mother was looking through the cupboards giving my father and I options on what she could whip up on short notice.My dad and I chose beans and weenies and threw down. The next afternoon my dad dropped dead of a heart attack in the driveway. It always makes me laugh that our last meal together ever, we picked beans and weenies!
  9. +1 to that. :thumbsup:
  10. Well that jusy takes the wind outta my sails... I been drinkin and was goonna say "dman I want some beeny weenies" but this is kinda sad, even thouhg it seems to be a long time ago and you have gotten past the grief. At this point in my life I cant fathom losing my dad period, much less after eatin beanie weenies with him, dont konw if I could ever eat'm again... :crying: :wavey:
  11. I've always known them as Beanie weenies:eat:
  12. :eat:
  13. That settles it. The food authority has spoken and so it will be.
  14. Franks and beans......
    and now i want some for breakfast.
  15. Beanies and Weenies, always had it for lunch at day care, it was my favorite back then but haven't had it since!

    And I'm a young lad
  16. I grew up eating them. Always had them with me on fishing trips or just spending time at the lake. Great snack or part of a bigger meal.:thumbsup:
  17. I was gonna have left over ribs for lunch, but now it's Beanie Weenies!
    Thanks PB.
  18. :thumbsup::supergrin:
  19. This thread voted most ghey food thread, 2010. :rofl:

    Here in normal-land, we know what franks and beans are (both definitions), but we call it hotdogs and beans. Because. . . . we wouldn't be caught dead calling it BeanieWeenies.