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Bean tacos

  1. Anybody else prefer bean tacos to meat tacos? I put the shells in the oven to heat, heat up refried beans. Then put in shredded lettuce, grated sharp cheese, beans and taco sauce. 12 come in a box of shells so that must be a serving-I eat all 12 no problem.
  2. I like to make beef and been tacos like the one Taco Bell does...meat inside the hard shell with the fixins....spread the beans onto a soft taco tortilla and apply it to the hard shell...and I do love bean burritos with all the fixins...you get more beans per bite that way!
  3. Hello;

    My Mom, & GF cook bean tacos all the time. But they are a little different than the one's you eat.

    First they make a batch of Frijoles de la Hoya, (which means slow cooked beans in a pot).

    Then they get some tortillas, put some of the beans in, fold them, close them with a toothpick, and fry them, So that there Hard shell.

    Put some Home made sauce, cheese, guacamole, lime, and it's all good.

    Having said that, I prefer the carne molida/carnitas tacos.

  4. It then becomes a "Tostada" :wavey:

    You gringos :rofl:
  5. That made me laugh, 100% on target. :rofl:
  6. I prefer meat, but that do sound good:eat: