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Beach day!

  1. Sunny 81°. Girls day on the beach.
  2. Pics or it didn't happen...
  3. Come on up to Pittsburgh for the polar bear plunge in the Mon River Tuesday. Be sure to wear your bikini. It's a balmy 40 degrees right now. tom. :cold:
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  5. I second this.
  6. Sounds wonderful!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. My sister just became a snowbird . She closed on a house down there Thursday . She called me Thursday night and said it was 80 and the A/C quit working and the refrigerator doesn't work .
  9. Don't blame you one bit... You're a lucky lady...
  10. [​IMG]
  11. You and mommy?
  12. Umm...isn’t everyday beach day where you live???
  13. I think I've seen those polar bear guys on the news. I don't know how they do it.

    Mommy, Luisa, Paloma, and their mom.

    Not exactly. It's been cold here lately.
  14. It would make my wee wee really small.
  15. Obligatory pic of girls at the beach in Florida:
  16. Mmm lezbeans
  17. I've got several friends that do that every year for raising funds for charities. All professionals and true Gentlemen. tom. :cowboy:
  18. Was 12 this a/m when I got up...sunny, not a cloud in sight...no wind...just about perfect!
  19. I did a Polar Bear dip in 1987....think certain amounts of shrinkage in wicked cold water can be permanent......
  20. [​IMG]
  21. Beach day!
  22. gatorboy for the win
  23. I hope the cold comes back. Awful today in Palm Bay. Worked outside all day 80s and high humidity..... yuck. If it doesn’t get cold need to get diving.

  24. I'm in.....Let me pack my red and black speedo and my styrofoam cooler filled with tallboy Busch Lights
  25. High today 30 F
  26. OMG

    I know somebody in Pa who goes scuba diving in frozen lakes. They actually cut a hole in the ice.

    It gets cold here. A week ago the high was only in the low 60's and the low was in the 40's.

    Sugar Bowl party Tuesday. Mommy is fixing hoppin john, collards, and cornbread.
  27. Hannie, you had one job. :fist:

  28. I am fixin the same things......with a butt on the smoker . Come on up
  29. If I did that my Bulldog friends here would have a fit LOL.
  30. :laughabove:
    I don't know the last time we had a high of 40. While not really cold, highs have been in the 30's generally just above freezing. Lows have been hovering around the mid-teens and upper 20's.

    Oh, and lots of wind.
  31. I think you'll need to wait a few more months for that...
  32. Got a buddy that cuts a 4x4 foot hole in the lake for dipping in during sauna time.

    He is bat **** crazy.

    I am a big *****. I draw the line at 40 degree water.
  33. [​IMG]
  34. That's how I look when it dips below 60, 70 I can handle.
  35. That was taken not long before Halloween this year. I think there was three days in October the temp didn't reach 90 and it was high 80's those few days. My favorite time of year weather wise is September and October. Still very warm to hot, can still get nice sun, water is still bathtub temp, tourists are mostly gone (this part of the state), great fishing, calm winds and it's not so humid, at least by late September.
  36. [​IMG]
  37. Reported, twice.
  38. 22 degrees here this am when I left the house to plow the airport!!
  39. It was 18 and sunny here today. It won’t hit 81 till about late May-early June here.
  40. 30 with sun and no wind might as well be considered a beach day in winter :)
  41. In my t shirt right now out with the dogs. 35 degrees
  42. I'll see your report, and raise you two.
  43. In my yute I have been know to swim with floating Ice in Granite Quarry. NOT NOW!
  44. Just keep 'em wet and give 'em some shade. They'll float right out when the tide comes back in..
  45. My favorite kind of bean!!!
    Went to the farm store and asked the sales girl for lezbean seeds, she slapped me!!!
  46. Common medical condition:
  47. 10 pages!!!
  48. I took a pic of Hannie on the beach...

  49. Looks like Jean Jacques Québécois........