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Be careful out there!

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First of all let me say thanks to all FF/EMT's for what you do.
I would also like to say be careful, Denver FD just lost a Lt. who was like 15 shifts away from retirement. He was a 31 year veteran. He suffered cardiac arrest on a call, and his crew found him because of his locator beacon. Once again a BIG thanks and stay safe.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Lt. Montoya.
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Safety comes first! That's why I waited today at that red light, even tho I had blue lights and nobody was around while I was responding to a call. Who knows...

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yeah, one thing about driving emergency vehicles......STOP AT ALL RED/YELLOW LIGHTS! I'd rather spend an extra 35 seconds that it takes to stop at all the red/yellow lights to look both ways before passing through than risk dieing 25 times a day. (about 6 calls a day, 4-6 lights average)
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