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Be careful out there

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The recent assassination of Officer Brenton here in Seattle makes me want to remind you all to be extra careful out there. The ****ing crazies seem to be declaring war.

A week before this killing there was an arson of a number of Police vehicles at the maintenance yard. From what I heard this was not gas poured or anything like that. This was basically a bombing.

The murder of Officer Brenton was a hit against LE and society. The bad guys watched him and his student complete a traffic stop, waited for their chance, blocked in the car and shot into 10 or so times (at head level) with a rifle. Then they did a 3 point turn to avoid getting caught on the patrol car's dash cam and disappeared.

Whatever is going on, it is bad.

Please stay in condition yellow.
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WOW, RIP Officer Brenton.

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I've wanted to post that in the CT forum for the last 20 or 30 deaths. Just couldn't bring myself to do it. Don't know why. Well, maybe "don't talk about it and it won't happen."

Officer Brenton, I read about that and it hit hard. Cold blooded ambush murder. It dredged up some old, old memories, gave me chills...
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