BBC to air 9/11 program re: amateur radio

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    From the ARRL site
    The Beeb" to air program on Amateur Radio and 9/11 (Sep 1, 2004) -- BBC Radio 4 this weekend will air a documentary on Amateur Radio's involvement in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The half-hour program, "Unsung Heroes," will be broadcast Saturday, September 4, at 1030 UTC. It will remain available on the BBC's archives for one month after that. "Through moving interviews, sensitive use of ham radio transmissions and some harrowing accounts, 'Unsung Heroes' reveals the little-known story of the 9/11 ham radio operators who provided vital communication networks for the rescue agencies," the BBC program listing says. "Hams, often mocked for their obsessive hobby, believe that September 11th became Amateur Radio's finest hour. Stephen Evans, the BBC's North American Business Correspondent, witnessed the attacks that day and meets with ham operators who witnessed the terrorist attacks or lost friends and relatives on September 11th and still helped to support the search-and-rescue operation." Mark Phillips, KC2ENI/G7LTT, says the program, produced by Kate Bissell, features N2NOV, KF2EO, KE2UN AB2IZ, "and a whole host of others," including himself. It was recorded during the last week of June. The program also be available in MP3 format on Phillips' Web site starting September 4.