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BB Data Recovery

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by gemeinschaft, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. gemeinschaft

    gemeinschaft AKA Fluffy316

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    Feb 7, 2004
    Houston, TX
    My boss just called from his hotel and apparently, he destroyed his Blackberry and it will not charge. Of course, in his infinite wisdom, he did not already sync his BB with a computer, so he has no backup of his numbers, etc... We run exchange, no BB; so I have been prodding him to get something with activesync, but oh well.... At least he listened this time.

    That being said, he has a lot riding on my ability to recover data from his phone - which means I have a lot riding on it.

    I have a SIM card reader, but if I remember correctly, the BB stores numbers, etc on internal memory and you have the option of saving SIM Contacts.

    So, I am wondering, if the USB interface on the phone is hosed, does the GT Braintrust have an idea that would make me look like a Rockstar?

    Since he won't be back until Sat. morning, I have already started asking people for their old BBs so I can use them as tests.

    Your ideas are appreciated.

    BTW, yes, he did listen tonight when I preached about the importance of using something that constantly keeps a copy of your contacts, meetings, etc... on a server that also gets backed up...
  2. srhoades


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    Jul 14, 2000
    I despise BB for the above mentioned reasons. Why go through all the hassle and added cost of running a BES when activesync runs out of the box with exchange? As a side note, I believe you can get a single license reduced functionality BES software for free now. Pain to setup but it would solve the problem in the future if he refuses to get something with activsync.

    Just because it won't charge doesn't necessarily mean you will never be able to get it on. I would first try a good known working battery. And you might be able to take it to the storefront of whatever cell carrier you have and see if they can work their magic.

  3. johnny00


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    Nov 26, 2005
    What exactly is the damage? Water, smashed, etc? If water, dry it out hair dryer or high heat. Is it just the USB port that's not functioning? If so, try a new battery. The older BB's had the Mini/Micro (I forget)) USB ports that tended to break (there's a pin that always gets bent and prevents futher use....ask me how I know.)

    If it's smashed, maybe you can just part it out and try using the "motherboard" in another functioning host. Has he NEVER updated his OS via Desktop Mgr? Normally, there's a backup that's created and saved on his CPU. Did he save his contacts on the BB AND his sim? If he did save it on his SIM...hopefully the SIM is still functional and you can use a reader.
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