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Bazooka Green Glock yes or no??

  1. I am kind of digging the bazooka green with flat dark earth. Thoughts?

  2. That's kind of slick though I still think I prefer a black slide on the green frame. Not interested in coated slides if that's what it is.
  3. Reminds me of the color combination of poop in my kids diapers at times.

    And...that's not a good memory.
  4. I like my Glocks all black.
  5. i believe that is gonorrhea green.
    it is so ugly it has charisma.
    i would absolutely buy it! probably carry it daily if it shot out well.
    i have a couple of unusual looking pistols, none in pink.
  6. the Cerakote finish can rub off like paint

    Factory GLOCK colored receivers are moulded with the color being part of the plastic (not coated) but those are usually for large military contracts.

    the original Black is my choice
  7. :agree:

    But then again, it's going to be your gun and not ours. So go with what you like.
  8. Guns should be black.
  9. Exactly!
  10. Maybe.
  11. Fixed it for ya...
  12. Black Glocks matter.............
    Black and green is kewl ...............
  13. I like green and I like FDE...

    Just not together.
  14. No - real Glocks are black all over.
  15. This reminds me of Bazooka gum.?
  16. Sorry, not digging the combination.

    BFG with a black slide, yes.
  17. I'm not a fan
  18. What the hell is going on. Is the gun community becoming kindergarten? Guns should be BLACK. Yes, Black Guns Matter.
  19. Another vote for a black upper to match the green lower.
  20. Agreed.
  21. Absolutely. When did gun guys become so concerned over "color schemes"? Listening to people talk guns these days is like listening to a bunch of interior decorators.
  22. To be honest, I'd love to have the choice but being a Brit, I haven't. I still think, though, that non-black Glocks are for girls...

    Perhaps some GlockTalkers would like it in in a fetching shade of pink?
  23. You don't mean that.

    This hurt my feelings.
  24. Sorry. what I should have said was, "Listening to people talk guns these days is like listening to a bunch of interior decorators. --Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!"

  25. Black slide on the green frame would be better.
  26. Sorry - black slide, black frame, but hey - if it floats your boat, do it!
  27. I actually agree. The green with black would be legit.
  28. But only if it's a very dark green so that it almost looks normal.
  29. Actually, I think it would look pretty good. But is it now a defensive handgun, or just a fashion accessory?
  30. No. Guns should be a very rich deep looking dark blue maybe approaching black or maybe with a hint of purple in the sun or even a bit of brown.
  31. Ah - a true artist!
  32. Black Glocks Matter. BGM
  33. IMG_0925.JPG I like battlefield green, but not really digging the bazooka green.

    Here's a 42 in BFG
  34. Battlefield with the black looks legit
  35. maybe it was bazooka joe gum ??
  36. I dig the Noveske Bazooka Green and am just about done with my Infidel build in Bazooka Green. The carbine below is my Colt and not the Infidel BTW. I Cerakoted the slide of my BFG G17 in Bazooka also. I really like it but I'm sure some won't.
  37. Glock did a limited production run of OD 9mm, Gen 3's for June 2017 delivery.
    I just took my OD Green Glock 19 to the range for the first time last week. I just wanted something a little different for my lucky number seven Glock.
  38. dang, I like the OD green. was looking at the gen 4 G19 in OD green... is it cerakoted or is the polymer died?
  39. It's actually not bad looking. I wouldn't necessarily choose that as a color option. If you like it, get it. Looking for approval on a forum means nothing.
  40. The only used Glock I have purchased thus far is a G29, it has a Bazooka green slide on a heavily stippled black lower. The slide is what drew me to it, $ also. FDE would have been better.
  41. I like black, too, but there is definitely a place for stainless in my safe. (Just sayin-!)
  42. I'd like to get a Dark earth lower for a 43 if they ever create them,i'd have to pass on the green
  43. the all green looks good. but i like my glocks black, to match my evil black rifle. i do prefer a deep bluing with some wood grips
  44. They do have them, I carry one. [​IMG]

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  45. Whatever color that you think will impress the bad guy's or your buddies
  46. Absolutely! Unless they're something else, then they're not.

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  47. Not digging that color scheme....however black frame/FDE slide might be cool....
  48. Get what you want. Only owning black guns is rather boring. This is especially so when it comes to polymer guns no matter how many brands you have mixed in a pile since they all start looking the same after awhile.
  49. I have a FDE 23. Nice pistol. I hardly ever carry it. The lady saw a shimmering aluminum G-26 at the shot Show, so of course she got it. It was waiting at the shop when we got home. One of her favorites now.

    If you want it, go for it!
  50. Sorry OP, but that combo doesn't do anything for me. If you like it, I hope you'll go for it, because it's all about what you like, NOT what the group thinks. :) I have a Gen4 19 BFG with black slide and like that combo a lot. When I saw the OD in person at the dealer, I thought that it looked like baby s#!t. It stopped me cold in my tracks. I changed my plan and picked up the G19 FS instead. (love it btw.)