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Battlefield 2

Discussion in 'The Players Club' started by GunBomB, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. GunBomB

    GunBomB oldschoolhustle

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    Dec 26, 2005
    The Haystack 510
    If anyone plays BattleField 2 on PC, there is an awesome server available with full access to ventrilo.


    It's a 24 person server on small city maps.
  2. Glacked79


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    Oct 24, 2000
    My unit has a BF2 Ranker server. Anyone is welcome to play there whenever.

    BF2 Server:

    Public Teamspeak server:

    We also have an Americas Army Honor server:

    I don't know how much longer we'll have the BF2 server up. With R6 Lockdown supposedly coming out in February and Operation Flashpoint 2 coming out sometime this year if the companies who have it make up, we'll probably shift games over to one of those. We'll keep our AA server up forever. And who knows, if we continue to grow as we have over the past year, we might have multiple servers up and running for all the good games.

    I'm 2LT-Hollow, btw. If you hop on TS, just let me know you're from GT and I'll get you on our team so comms are good. If I'm not around, let any one of the guys know you know me from here and they'll hook you up, too.

    And anyone looking to join an online gaming unit, check us out. We're a damn good group of guys from US, UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, Canada, etc. It's english speaking only, although some of our members are known to set off cursing in jibberish from time to time. We take a realistic approach to gaming and encorporate real life tactics - can be a hell of a lot of fun working with these guys. Yes, I'm a gaming uber nerd.