Battlefield 1942: Pirates Avast, Mateys!

Discussion in 'The Players Club' started by MrMurphy, Aug 20, 2004.

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    If you haven't played this free mod for BT 1942, you're missing out! I played it last night, and it's hilariously fun. A company made the mod, new skins, vehicles, and weapons, plus maps. You can command a galleon and go broadside to broadside against other ships, command a tower and use the artillery for antishipping, storm forts as a peglegged pirate with your musket, blunderbuss, cutlass, etc and even be a professional drunkard and kill people with a beer stein.

    I played it last night and laughed my butt off for two hours. I'm sorry but charging into a house chasing a cutlass-wielding bad guy, then pausing two feet out of sword range to pistol the guy with both barrels is just hilarious cause he didn't think I was loaded.....

    Huntsmen: equivalent to scout, blunderbuss, throwing axes, cutlass, telescope.

    Raiders: Duh. Cutlass, double barrel pistol, musket, grenade.

    Cannonneer: Duh. You get a cannon, a pistol, something else.

    Drunkard: Like a medic, but with beer. You can beat people up with your beer stein.

    You generally get five shots for the shoulder arms, one shot at a time, with the suitable smoke cloud, and you can pick up dead guy's sea chests for more rounds, or stop at ammo barrels like in 1942. You can also blow ammo barrels up.

    There's artillery everywhere, from siege mortars and 8 pnd cannons to falconets, a machine-gun sized swivel cannon, as well as volley guns (multiple musket barrels side by side) for defending bridges etc.

    Multiple ship types, from rowboats and cutters (unarmed) to galleons, and not all maps are sea based, though generally there's a bay or something with one side starting on a ship.

    Seeing two swordsmen charging down a ramp at you in a race to see who gets there first as you reload your blunderbuss is rather exciting,especially when you reload first and blow them to bits...