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BATFE: Clowns be dangerous.

  1. Waco was a F.B.I. operation.
  2. BATF played a huge roll in that.............
  3. I don't think so.

    My complaint about the gunrunning investigation is that I don't necessarily want gun smuggling into Mexico to stop. Mexico needs a change from the top down and criminals destabilizing it is a start.
  4. Garrett, you need to study your history. The BATF started that mess and the FBI was called in to clean it up and just made it worse. I got to deal with some of the aftermath.
  5. Fascinating. You support giving guns to the criminals.

    I'm sure that, in gratitude, they'll only use them on their side of the border...
  6. I'm willing to bet that they're going to use more south of the border than north of the border.

    Besides, who says anything about "giving" guns to criminals? They'd have to spend hard earned cash for these guns just like you and me, except that they'd have to buy black market.
  7. Did we switch to the cyrillic alphabet? I distinctly remember there was a majority of folks with something else on their backs. :whistling:

  8. You're thinking of Ruby Ridge.
  9. WTF?
    Yeah, lets put more guns in hands of criminals, then the civilian population can have another revolution with machetes and stones.
  10. I don't especially care which side wins in Mexico. If the criminals come out on top, at least we could pay them to close the border.

  11. That was also a BATF operation that the US Marshalls managed to screw the pooch on which resulted in the FBI being called in to handle and they managed to commit murder in the process. By the way, the Ruby Ridge incident was about six months before the initial raid on the Davidians.
  12. Creepy at the very least.
  13. :crying::crying: don't be hatin'

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  14. We could, at the very least, eliminate the middle man in the gov. :cool:

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  15. The Waffen BATEces are still the same jack-booted, sturmtruppen, evidence-manufacturing, lying, unethical, unaccountable thug bastards they've always been. They're just under different management now.

    Both Ruby Ridge and Waco started out as BATFEces goat-ropes that the FBI had to be brought in to clean up. Even then they screwed up themselves.

    Jeff Cooper used to ask from time to time why Lon Horiuchi was still walking around stealing oxygen for what he did.
  16. WE? You must be a billionaire

    As the saying goes: never argue.... bah, you know how it goes
  17. oh, no, not at all

    the haters, ignorants and bigots have exposed themselves long ago, right?