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Basta! Time to Dismantle the FBI

  1. I for one, have said this for years.

    Now I see other people have started catching up with my idea. Roger Simon the CEO op PJ Media, novelist and Academy Award winning screenwriter is saying the same thing: disband the FBI.

    Why is it necessary to take this action some may say it would be too radical, instead of only replacing the FBI's corrupt upper management?

    Because the newest batch of documents released in the Flynn case contradict the narrative that only the FBI bosses were corrupt and the rank and file agents were good loyal men and women, just doing their jobs, and they never knew what their superiors were doing.

    On the contrary, they knew. And none of them had the integrity and courage to fighting back and blow the whistle. Not a single one.

    In fact, they were talking amongst themselves how to purchase professional liability insurance in case what the illegalities they were asked to do become public and they would get sued.

    Think about that: professional liability insurance for government employees being accomplices to Federal crimes, like framing an innocent Army General, lying to FISA judges, committing treason against a dully elected President and overturning the result of a free election.

    It's mind blowing.

    The FBI is not salvageable. Trump needs to dismantle this nest of traitors, cowards and moochers after the election, and make the US Marshals take over the FBI's role.

  2. I'd agree to it.
  3. Yeah... I'm coming to the belief that the FBI has a systemic culture of corruption and hubris that is irreparable.

  4. To much power, no accountability.
  5. I agree in principle. I don't think it is practical. In my mind the solution is to let due process hold accountable the criminals and make the consequences and risk untenable for future traitors. Pipe dream I know.
  6. Back when Mr. Hoover headed the FBI, the field agents kept time sheets. Mr. Hoover liked to testify at funding hearings about the overtime his agents would put in. An old agent told me years ago that the agents knew this and would phony time sheets -like taking in a movie and reporting surveillance.

    LA had a police chief come from NY City. He went back. He wanted crime reduced. So, it was reduced. The LA Times ran series of articles on how LAPD downgraded charges while the guy was chief.

    On paper, the FBI command structure is good, the manuals are good, the Inspector General set up is good. Just that systems fail.

    I don't know how you correct the situation. The courage just isn't there.
  7. And send everyone in the Pentagon back to their respective bases.

    All they do is polish seats with their asses and act self important.

    This will also take one punch out of an officers ticket on his stairway to the stars.
  8. I tend to agree with you. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    When there’s corruption at the top there will always be some number of minions who fall in line to do the dirty work. It’s true of every powerful organization.

    The FBI needs strong, patriotic leaders who choose and inspire their cadre to build a strong organization of patriotic agents.
  9. The FBI Director was nominated by President Trump and was confirmed HUGE by the Senate.

    Since Wray is not being a lapdog for Trump, now there is a problem?
  10. I agree that the fbi is too spoiled to try to keep. Its really sad. The bad fruit is all thru the basket ... not just at the top. The political hatred for trump has brought out the illegal political nature of 95 percent of government.

    Teachers unions are bad
    School boards all corrupt
    Local law enforcement too much political.
    Military infested with leftie hatred.
    Nsa and state dept all leftie hacks .

    Dont know about the secret service. But batf and anyone in the justice dept should be fired right now.
  11. It's not like the FBI hasn't had yuuuuge scandals in the past. Just look at J. Edgar.

    You can dismantle it and put a shiny new agency in its place but the simple truth is as long as human beings are involved, it will become just as corrupt.
  12. 100% OP! US Marshals were there almost at the founding. They did everything the FBI did when they were founded in the early 20th century.

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  13. I concur after a slight modification.
  14. As DaleGribble posted, as long as there are humans involved, the FBI or any other organization you replace it with will be just as if not more corrupt in short order.
  15. Sounds a lot like wanting to defund the police! I don’t get this sudden turn against the entire FBI organization, and it feels dangerous to me.
  16. There are kick-ass leaders who could reform the FBI. It will never be perfect, but most bad apples in key positions can be located and discarded.
  17. if it's "not salvageable", than it never did stand on good principle?

    Than or then, I'm thinking then, since it has to do with time?
  18. Yep local LEO's ( like I was) never trusted or wished to work with them...for a reason
  19. When I was n the police academy in 73 we were told never to trust the Feds Well those words were true then and now. Now I had friends that were feds. But never trusted completly
  20. There has been a problem for awhile. Just about every major case has been screwed up in past 3 decades:

    Ruby Ridge
    Hansen investigation
    Ames investigation
    Atlanta Olympic bombing
    Madrid Train Bombing
    Fort Hood
    ACS Contract
    Dylan Roof
    Noor Salman
    Curtis Culwell Center attack
    Daniella Green

    Never mind the dozens of smaller embarrassments, crashed Ferrari, Denver breakdancer, Texas gun runner, etc.

    I do not think disbanding it is the answer, but breaking it up into smaller more manageable pieces probably is.
  21. The Baby and the Bathwater are the Enforcement arm of the Swamp.

    Get rid of it and get rid of Obama.

    Keep the forensics, documents and other admin features.

    4chann can do the investigations
  22. Don't forget Fast and Furious and the Hutaree's.

    The FBI spent millions on the Hutarees only you have the judge throw the case out. "Folks talking around a kitchen table is not a conspiracy to overthrow the government."

    "On March 27, 2012, a federal judge acquitted seven Hutaree defendants of the most serious charges related to conspiracy and sedition; they were free to go."

    Personally I think the Hutaree's are nuts but this is America. We're free to offer our opinions.
  23. You forgot David Hogg's dad. His dad is FBI, and very much anti-Trump. After the Marjorie Stoneman High School Mass Shooting his son was suddenly standing on a pedestal

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  24. It's past time.

    The DHS is using the Marshal Service to collect comm data on the rioters and their planning of rioting and violence. Apparently the DHS is aware of the FBI involvement in the deep state.

    I suspect Mattis or someone like him recommended Wray.

  25. Might be time to take a long hard look at the US postal service, as well.
  26. If we keep defunding police at some point can people with ar 's. Just clean up the idiots ?
  27. I'm almost afraid to ask what that's supposed to mean.....and how it's related to taking a look at the USPS.

    We need the USPS to move the mail, but if the USPS can't be trusted to distribute and deliver the mail-in ballots, then something needs to be done. Maybe body cams for the postal employees, to insure honesty? (just a random thought)
  28. The fbi commited about 15 federal crimes against the trump administration. And during the fake russia probe. Fraud in the origional complaint. Certified by political folks trying to overthrow a soon to be seated president.

    Overturning a president seems worthy of serious start over. Hillary clinton can delete emails after destroying a us embasy.. and nobody cares in the justice dept. The mexican drug cartel run mexican justice system seems about equal to ours now. How many people have suddenly died around the clintons ?? Is that your justice standard ??
  29. They investigated DB cooper for 30 years. Vegas massacre got 1 year. Ya definitely way past time to disband them. Most should be arrested in decision making positions.
  30. I still believe the FBI was running an OP when Vegas occured. They were selling belt fed machine guns to terrorists and the terrorists got away. The dude that died (Paddock) I believe worked for feds. No belt fed machine gun found. So they blamed AR'S and bump stocks. They never mentioned bullet types found in the victims. 5.56 only kills when properly aimed and placed. 308 on the other hand would have a higher death count. Remember 5.56 was a wounding round once first developed. And at the distance the shots came from was spray and pray, which again does not fit the narrative.
  31. I second this motion. Can we get a vote?

    In all seriousness, I support police and would gladly stand in front of them with my AR if I were permitted.

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  32. And, live feed cameras, just like traffic and eagle nests, to see what's being said and done in USPS facilities

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  33. I agree on many points, but Paddock lived in Mesquite, NV. That's over an hour away from the shooting. My brother happens to live in that town, so I've been to it. 2 freeway exits, that's all. It meets the minimum requirement for a Walmart to be built. At least one of the gun stores Paddock bought his guns from, Guns & Guitars, is no longer in business. Also, Mesquite is very close to Bunkerville, where the Bundy Standoff occurred over 5 years ago. Mesquite is the closest town to Bunkerville. Both are on I-15 on the Nevada/Arizona border.

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  34. The investigation was a coverup. Their timeline alone and the inconsistencies prove this. They could not wait to close it down. Every time they got questioned about it they shut it down and issued another timeline that had many holes as well. Even senator Tom Cotton (prior military) said the sound was a belt fed machine gun. Many ex military said same. FYI no belt fed found, so it's still out there. Technically, if I am right then the FBI armed the terrorists with a belt fed possibly more than one.
  35. The new FBI boss has not been as aggressive as I would have wished in changing the political culture inside the bureau. After what was done to DJT, Flynn, and others if nobody see any jail time I will have lost faith in the DOJ.
  36. I'm starting to hold the IRS in higher regard than the crooked cops at the FBI.
  37. Government by the people for the people BS . POTUS is our only hope for now.
  38. Even if he wins it will just buy us a little more time. It will eventually go down hard. Prepare!
  39. From its inception it has been corrupt, j.edgar hoover was as corrupt as boss tweed.how about we relegate their role to forensic clearinghouse only. Run the lab, process the forensic evidence and that’s it.
  40. I think the U. S. Marshal Service was founded in the early 19th century.
  41. This like X1000.

    Their labs and technical resources are worth keeping. Locals can run investigations and if federal investigative help id needed we have the USMS. The only thing that would be missing is counterintelligence, something we will need to find another org to handle.
  42. I was going to say DOJ investigators, but they are as rotten as the fumbling bumbling idiots. A small core of investigators.
    I was going to say cia for counterintelligence, but they too are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. So maybe homeland security.
  43. Actually right after ratification of the Constitution:
    The office of United States Marshal was created by the First Congress. President George Washington signed the Judiciary Act into law on September 24, 1789. The Act provided that a United States Marshal's primary function was to execute all lawful warrants issued to him under the authority of the United States.

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  44. Screenshot_2018-09-01_200359.jpg

  45. We ABSOLUTELY need to dismantle the FBI. They are corrupt top to bottom. I’m sure there are exceptions, but if you lie in bed with dogs, you get the fleas you deserve.

    I don’t know about the other Federal Law Enforcement branches, but the FBI needs to go, or at least be replaced with a whole new crop of people.

    They have been corrupted by Washington and now facilitate the crimes of politicians and their major donors.
  46. Well, they used to excel in finding draft dodgers and cracking interstate car theft rings. Under Hoover, never found the mafia.

    Some day, read the story of the Nazi spies who came ashore to blow things up. They came specifically to blow up the train control center under Grand Central Station that handled all of the train traffic on the east coast.

    This is how they were caught. One of Germans made a call. He was not believed. So, he went to Washington, DC. Went to the FBI. He told his story,. Not believed until he opened a suitcase and displayed the funds. As a reward, Mr. Hoover made sure that he was executed along with the rest. A history of similar coverups.
  47. ...lest we forget that the FBI was too busy erasing phones and destroying exculpatory evidence to investigate the more than half a dozen tips into the Parkland shooting, to include, in their words:

    The FBI was "provided the following information about Cruz:

    • Statements about Cruz harming himself and others;
    • References to ISIS;
    • That he had threatened his mother with a rifle;
    • That he had purchased several weapons;
    • That he wanted to kill people and was going to explode;
    • That he was mutilating small animals; and
    • That the caller was concerned that Cruz might shoot up a school."
    On September 25, 2017, the FBI received an e-mail tip from a person in Mississippi who indicated that a person, unknown to him, posted on his YouTube page the following text: “Im going to be a professional school shooter.” The posting was from the username “Nikolas Cruz.”
  48. Some years ago I was working a joint task force and an FBI agent asked me if I had this type of insurance, because he worried I was violating the rights of what were international terrorists in the wild. I laughed and had to explain to him the whole world didn't enjoy our constitutional rights. I guess what is important to this thread is the FBI has long since been buying this insurance when they thought they were violating someone's rights.
  49. I really, really hate to agree with this, but it is true. Our nation is too large and unwieldy to manage correctly.