Basa inTomatoes with potatoes

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    Here's a good tasting receipe for basa in a simple tomatoe sauce and w/garlic roasted redskins.

    2 Basa skinless fillets ( 1 per serving )
    1 tsp of Old Bay seasoning
    1 tsp Garlic_Salt
    3 tsp of seasame seed oil
    few twrist of black crush pepper

    1 can of dice tomatoe and tomatoe paste
    1 chopped medium white onion
    4 medium sized red potatoes washed and quaters but with end cuts and skin left on
    1 sml cup of chop fine garlic and cilantro

    >Pat dry the fillets , rub oil on both side of each fillet, save rest of the oil for the skillet. coat the fillet sides with old bay, garlic-salt, blk pepper, set fish aside

    > heat oven to 350degs and while the oven is getting to temp rub potatoes quarters with garlic & cilantro & oil or butter, Place potatoes on roasting pan and let roast for 25-30mins or until tender

    > while red skins are roasting, heat a small skillet to med-high, Place remaining oil in the skillet. Fry fillets for about 5-7 mins perside or until the fish is fully cooked. Adjust temp/time to match fillet thickness

    > reduce temp and add caned tomatoes, chopped onions and half of the paste, thin if neccessary by adding water till it is just right. Let fish simmer for about 10-15mins.

    Serve everything with the potatoes. This is a very good and simple meal. Basa is a good taste pure white meat fish with a mild taste.