Barrett M82A1 Factory OD Green Layaway Available!

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    For your consideration, a Barrett M82A1, straight from the factory in OD green! Folks, this is nothing short of a unicorn. This is the first time that Barrett has ever made an OD Green M82A1 and there’s a possibility that there won’t be any more. This is a limited edition and as of right now, there were only a total of seven made. Two with 20” barrels and five with 29” barrels. This rifle is one of only five in the world!

    I’m offering this in the same “kit” format Barrett does. In addition to the rifle itself, it includes a Leupold Mark 4 Long Range Tactical Scope in 4.5-14X50, M1, Matte with the Mildot Reticle. The scope will be mounted to the rifle using Barrett rings. It will ship in a black Pelican hard shell case with fitted plastic insert, to hold everything safely. A monopod for the back end of the rifle, backup iron sights, bipod and carrying handle. In addition to this, I’m also throwing in an extra magazine for a total of two.

    If you add up everything included in this package, you will see it’s worth $716.00 more than the starting price of this auction! When you compound this with the rarity of this particular optioned rifle. This is an incredible opportunity!

    Barrett M82A1 Rifle $9,119.00

    Leupold Scope $1,299.99

    Rings $205.00

    Monopod $152.00

    2nd Magazine $158.00

    Total $10,933.00

    If you’d like an OD Green colored case to match the color of the rifle, I can ship that directly to you for an additional $215.00. If you’d like the rifle to ship in the OD Green case, I’ll keep the black case and give you a $100.00 credit for the black case.

    I am offering a financing option on these rifles! Here is how it will work.

    I’ll require 20% down and the balance broken up into five equal subsequent payments. INTEREST FREE! So, you would pay $2,043.40 down and make payments of $1,634.72 per month, when your final payment is made, your rifle will ship. When the agreement is reached, I will send you a document with the serial number of your particular rifle on it, you sign it and return it to me with your down payment.

    This can all be done electronically using a credit card and e-mail for your convenience. However, a convenience fee of $20.00 per transaction will be added to your payments.