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Barrel preference 6" 10mm

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I've a G20 and wanting to turn it into:
1. a G20L with a 6" barrel with a long slide.

Which of the various barrels available out there would you go with:
BarSto, Lone Wolf, KKM, Storm Lake, or ?

Yes, I've read through some of the Threads here in the 10mm Ring, and get mixed results with barrels available out there. Such as the chamber being tighter than factory chamber and there having been some reports of difficulty with chambering at times, etc.

So, if you were going to put together a G20L 6" barrel with a long slide, which barrel would you go to now?
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Imo, KKM offers the best quality/price ratio.
I put my G20L together earlier this year, and went with LWD 6" 10mm & 9x25 Dillon barrels. While I haven't shot a KKM or any other aftermarket barrel in it, I doubt I'd be able to tell a difference. I haven't had any feeding issues, and I would still go with LWD if I had it to do over again.
Thank you both, crsuribe and Meathead9, for your comments.
I knew I might be potentially opening a can of worms with my inquiry about barrel choices, and 2 out of 53 were kind enough to lend a hand with their input and comments . . .
I appreciate your stepping forward as you did . . . thank you.
Now just a matter of aligning the necessary parts...
I have a 6" KKM in a stock slided g20. Its awesome, very, very, very accurate. Worth what was alot of money to me at the time.
I have a 6" KKM barrel that feeds fine; both my G20s have 4.6" Lonewolf barrels, accurate and they always feed.

Bob :cowboy:
I have a KKM 6" 10MM conversion barrel in my G21SF and it works well.
I would also pick the KKM.

However I have a LWD 40 conversion in my g-20. Its flawless and more accurate then me.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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