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Bank of America, just say NO.

  1. I am psychic, I dropped them 12 years ago over this crap they are now doing.
  2. I have no problem dumping my shares of BOA on Monday, and will urge the rest of the family do the same. Not only does their performance suck, I have no regard for businesses that inject their political and personal beliefs in their business dealings.
  3. Good job my friend:thumbsup:
  4. I seriosuly doubt that we are getting the whole story in that article.
  5. Glad that BOA, got dropped.

    I dropped a bank, that I had used for over 40 years, when they posted a no firearms sign.

    Found a bank that was not posted. Talked to the manager. He stated, you trust us with your money and we trust you with your firearm. He further stated, that they like having people with concealed firearms, come into the bank, as the BG doesn't know if anyone is armed, and will move on to the posted bank. :supergrin:
  6. I dumped those losers years ago as well. They wanted all my ID's, SS#, plus a blood sample(just kidding)for me to open an account, but would give an illegal an account with just a Mexican ID card!!!! That's right. Just a Mexican National ID Card. Then when 8 of them were putting their paycheck into one account to send back to Mexico, it looked like the account holder was well to do and made alot of money. They offered lines of credit, vehicle loans, etc.to these Illegals. Loans were taken out, vehicle driven to Mexico and reported stolen,etc.Bank of A##holes lost a ton of money and got what they deserved!!!! (sadly, we the taxpayers bailed them out too!)
  7. That's awesome my friend:thumbsup:
  8. That's a load of horse manure, I'm glad you told them to pound sand:thumbsup:
  9. Their " military " banking screwed my buddy out of a month of pay , never again
  10. BOA is a POS in my book. They have perpetrated to largest transfer of wealth in the history of this country through mortgage foreclosures. They are sticking it to the American people in record numbers and the feds won't do a thing about it.:steamed: I had an account with them and fired them long ago. I went to another bank that was eventually taken over by BOA. I fired them again and went to a credit union. Never looked back.

  11. I use to work in the banking industry. Here is my thinking. If you can get a small credit union to do what you need to do, they are probably your best bet.

    If you can not you will have to deal with a big bank. All big banks think alike. They do what they need to, to make money.

    I would be very surprised if the decision to drop them had ANYTHING to do with guns.
  12. I am so happy I dropped B of A :steamed: cant stand those idiots.

  13. This. We need more info than a facebook post and an article in the examiner.

    That said...If true, i will be dropping BOFA as soon as it is confirmed. I've been banking with them since i was 19, but they're relatively sparse here in East TN, customer service generally sucks, and they continue to look for new ways to separate me from my $$.