Bad week in the Tichbourne house

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    May 6, 2010
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    It's been a rough week in the Tichbourne house. Early last week I was attacked by a cranky bee or yellowjacket while working in our garden.

    Within 2 min. I was covered in swelling, painful welts and rashes that were spreading quickly. Half a bottle of Benedryl, some antihistamine and asthma pills, cold shower and buttered up in a cortisone steroid we were on our way to the hospital.

    Fortunately I had not stopped breathing so the hospital saw fit to ignor me. After three hours we left and I went home and put ice on the point of impact which had doubled in size. After managing to add insult to injury and giving myselt frostbite I went to bed.

    3:30am saw me wake George and ask him to take me to the hospital again.
    Besides the fact I was afraid I'd quite breathing I'm right handed, the wretched bug bit my right arm, and our car is a standard. Forty min. found us at another hospital where once again because I was breathing they ignored us again. When we did get in the two male - interns/doctors decided to have a piddling contest as to what the problem was and how to treat it- never mind I had quite clearly explained it to them. An hour later I was on my way home none the better.

    8am had me on the phone to get an emergency appt with our family dr. He had a fit, gave me antibiotics as he said I had a skin infection from the bite and if things continued to enlarge to head to the hospital for IV antibiotics.

    Yes, that's right, 3 hours later I was again at the hospital with note in hand from our family dr. requesting IV antibiotics. This time they looked at me, confirmed it was indeed a "nasty" infection and must be treated. AND I was to receive home care for 6 more days with continued IV antibiotics.
    Also left with another perscription for antibiotics which are no longer available in Canada - Toronto anyway - you'd kinda think they'd know these things................

    Well, two days into the IV Antibiotics and this thing was still getting bigger,
    George was doing double duty and I was convinced this friggin' bug was about to buy me the farm. Finally the treatment kicked in and today was my last IV treatment. Tomorrow after my family dr appt I start 10 days of pills.

    Needless to say, my "mouse" hand was totally disabled with the intervenous contraption left in for 6 days, with the swelling I couldn't move my arm, the poor dog stayed clear she wasn't sure why I was all trusted up like a turkey.

    Now I travel with an Epi Pen as evidently as I've been told many times this week, your first bite is "FREE", your second is BAD and if you get a THIRD you're pretty much toast................. I must say, the idea of dying doesn't bother me - I've been around for a while and I accept that it's part of the life cycle - However - I do not wish to be taken out by a damn bug...
    I do have my standards...................

    Anyone with any suggestions on how to beat this please drop me a line.

    Regards to All, Carol :)