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Congrads LT,

My wife goes to OTS in October she is excited and scared.

Myself Currently a USAF Capt Serving with the Army on a 6 month Desert Tour. 21R3 is what I am. Logistics Readiness Officer. Former 14N Intel Officer

My career field is going to be hurting I think in the future our deployments keep going up and people keep going out. Thank the army for wasting a ton of money.

Engineer well as a line officer please keep the common sense. I know too many engineers that know how to put things together but praticallity is not their thing.

Do not ever let an Army NCO or Officer have a blank check.
I am trying to fix their problems with accountability and they I had a Army Major tell me I am a *********g As****e for doing things the right way when we can get all new stuff instead of reuse gear. That gear is now in DRMO. DONT WASTE TAXPAYER MONEY!!! Sorry on the soap box again.
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