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B&H...Great Service

  1. Just in...My new 350D w/18-55mm, 4gig ExtremeIII CF card, and tripod. Ordered @ 21:30 on the 11th. Shipped 2-day, and that nice man from UPS dropped it off a day early!!!

    And go figure, my wife's grandmother has my new born and my 6yo isn't home from school yet. Guess I'll have to shoot jelly beans for a bit.

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancingbanana: :dancingbanana: :dancingbanana:
  2. Over on the Canon forum, it is tradition to shoot a duck first.

    20K shots later and I still haven't shot a duck unless you count my rubber duckie :rofl:
  3. I've had my 70-200 2.8L for a little while and NO duck shot. Plenty of puppy shots though :)
  4. Alright, alright, you can have your ducks... Is it okay that it was taken with a Canon A610?


    Oh, it's not Bird in Flight shot, but in my area the only birds that circle close over your head are vultures. :shocked: ;)
  5. I once heard a man say...A vulture in flight is prettier than a duck on the water.

    But I think I was drunk at the time...or maybe he didn't say that at all. :rofl:
  6. Okay then, here is your vulture ;) (click on thumbnail):


    Actually, turkey vultures (the big brown ones on the west coast) are quite pretty, or at least impressive in flight. Black vultures, like the ones in the South, are a bit freaky because of their tendency to congregate together in large swarms. Looking up at 50 or 60 watching you from the trees is kinda creepy :shocked::

  7. Wow...didn't even know the difference. Thanks for showing...and yes the Black Vultures are the ones I remember. Reminds me of a Tales from the Crypt on HBO where a guy fell off a cliff, broke all his bones but was alive and Vultures were circling....