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OK. Keep in mind that I am no photographer. Here are some quick pics of everything that comes with it. Below is a link showing the specs for the gun on Kimber's site. It is the Pro Carry HD II.

Comes with gun, hard case, 7-rd Kimber mag, 8-rd Kimber mag, all paperwork included with the gun and black leather Bianchi paddle holster (fully adjustable for height and cant). Might have a kydex paddle holster (used once at the range) if I can find it. Just moved and it is still boxed up.....somewhere.

Gun is in great shape. I'd rate it at 98+%. I am the second owner and have sent 250 rounds through it. First owner had the round count at approx. 750, "or less". The discoloration on the slide is the camera flash, not a finish issue. If you want more pics showing that, I can try to get some that turn out better.

Selling the package for $800 plus actual shipping to your FFL. I've done several state-to-state sales through GT with 100% success. Your FFL MUST accept shipments from a non-FFL.

Let me know if you have any questions, or need other pictures. Squirt off a PM, or post here!

This is a great gun. I just need the cash for other projects. No trades at the moment, and not looking to break up the package at this time.


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