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Awesome Glock pic!

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Found this on another forum, thought it was funny as hell.
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That's really awesome! Yeah, somebody would call glock ugly when they get shot by it
One of my favorite guns, and my favorite President.
I've seen it planty of times.

It makes me laugh, actually. ;)
That is funny.
That is funny.
You guys might laugh, but I LIKE the bad a)) ugly look of the Glock.
Nice one ... BUT ...
I expected Something Else ...

My new desktop!

My new desktop!

Me too!:cool:
Thats great!
:fred:The dickens you say!
whoa whoa whoa!!! you ain't right. you ain't wrong. but you ain't right!
So it is it shall be done. ;)
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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