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Avoid hunterswholesale on gunbroker

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by jpa, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. jpa

    jpa CLM

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    May 28, 2001
    Las Vegas NV
    Hello all-

    I just got burned by these scammers on gunbroker. I've been on top of communications with them since the day I won this auction, the timeline is as follows:

    Feb 16. Win auction for CRKT M-16 LE folder via buy now.
    Feb 17. Send email that check will be sent, reply received with address.
    Feb 23. Due to a holiday on Mon, didn't send check til Tues. Advised seller it's in the mail.
    Mar 3. Ask seller if they received payment, reply received that they did and will ship knife Monday or Tuesday.
    Mar 6. Check clears my bank account.
    Mar 10. Email sent to seller asking where knife is since it's been a week since it was supposed to be shipped.
    Mar 13. Get email containing FedEx tracking number. Status is "shipping info received." Delivery expected 15 March.
    Mar 15. No package. Email sent. Got email back saying to "hold on."
    Sent email about tracking number and got email back saying "OK, it should be there."
    Mar 17. Still no package, sent another email demanding my package or will be contacting LE and gunbroker. Email back stating messages forwarded to their "legal department." Fairly irate but civil email returned to them demanding contact from supervisor or manager or legal department.
    Mar 19. Email received stating "we have a life on the weekend. Why don't you? Message replied in order received." and signed "Boss Hog"
    Mar 20. Sent email requesting supervisor again. Curt response saying messages forwarded to legal due to my "threats." Negative feedback left on gunbroker and research into company location and contact info in progress.

    So my $54.95 mistake is a lesson learned. Hopefully after I get all this squared away I'll at least get my money back but I'm not holding my breath. Buyer beware I guess.