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Average wait period or handgun?

  1. Whats the wait period for a first time handgun purchase in washington? is it 7-10 days? or 5? and this is with a clean background. thanks.
  2. 5 days, IIRC. Or about 5 minutes with a CPL. ;)
  3. Yeah, it was 5 days. Thats state law. Having the CPL definitely is a plus with the "no wait" factor. Of course, it took 2-3 weeks to get my CPL if I remember right.

    ETA: 5 day waiting period for handguns is state law, does a local law enforcement background check from what I understand.

    Here is the ATF pub for Washington firearm law:
    ATF Pub 5300.5
  4. like all the others have said..it might be worth it to you to get your CPL...its your right and something thats awesome about the state of washington

    of course i had to wait three weeks for the CPL, but it makes my life more enjoyable to know i am protected when i carry more than when i dont, i can be impulsive and purchase a handgun anyday.... got to love it

    5 days to answer your questions
  5. Thanks for the help!

    im turning 21 in about a month and the frist im going to do is to apply for my carrying permit. and head down to my gun shop and look for my carry piece.

    my cousin purchased his first handgun last week, tuesday. so when do you guys think ill be done? he has a clean background and all. so the weekeneds count during the 5 day wait?
  6. mine was about three weeks.... not too bad..use the time to shop around and do some shooting, check out prices online.... i am a fan of purchasing from the location you would tend to range shoot the most from... whats a few bucks when you are talking hundreds spent in rounds on the range floor
  7. No, weekends don't count. See ATF pub 5300.5
    Washington law: 9.41.090 1C:
    "Five business days, meaning days on
    which state offices are open..."
  8. okay, thanks for the clarification.