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Automated Commercial casting business for sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by MakeMineA10mm, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. MakeMineA10mm

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    Feb 13, 1999
    Central Illinois
    For all of you who have seen/remember the automated bullet casting and sizing machines I've run in my garage and were interested in them, I want to give you an opportunity... I bought a new house, thanks to a new baby, and I have no where to set up these machines at the new place. This works out OK, because my partner and I haven't used the machine since last Summer, as we both have gotten real jobs, and aren't interested in running the business in what little time we get off.

    We're converting back to hand-casting for our purposes, and we want to sell the set-up. It comes with a Ballisti-Cast Mk. IV automated casting machine, which will cast up to ~2500 bullets/hour. It is completely automated with a magneto driving a rack and pinion and air compressor controlled valves. You can't exactly walk away from the machine once it's set up (cause you have to feed it lead, make sure no bullets are stuck in the moulds, make sure the moulds aren't too hot or cold, etc.), but it's darn easy and fun to watch the thing work. (Nothing like looking at 5-gal buckets full of bullets on the garage floor after a couple weekends' work!;f)

    The luber-sizer is a Magma automated one. It does NOT have the bullet collator, but it has everything else, including sizing dies for ever caliber between .32 and .454. There are moulds for every caliber between those as well. (I'll add a list of all the moulds once we get it compiled.) There are a ton of accesories like all the spare parts, tools, cardboard boxes, pins, sprue cutters, etc., etc., etc., etc.

    Look for another post in the next week or two.

    This set up new would cost around $15,000. We're looking at selling it for about 1/3 of that price.
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    Nov 20, 2001
    HMMMM I had a bright idea Now that i just built and paid for a new Garage I have no money left over for fun stuff. I would love to have a business of my own. So since you dont have room for it I will gladly let you set it up here (I remeber you helping me out once on a reloading problem)so I feel i should return the favor. If the new Garage 36x40 is not big enough I will use one of the barns I think we could get it set up in the 60x70 pole barn without much problem.we dont many miles between us and you could come visit on weekends ;f ;f ;f ;f ;f ;f