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Attn Hunters - Camo Activated Charcoal Lined BDUs

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Up for sale I have 16 CAMO NBC shirt and pants sets. - $20 each + Shipping and Handling to lower 48 states. Payment accepted via cash or check or whatever works. PM yardmonkey or email me at [email protected] for details.

I contacted a guy to buy one of these for deer hunting as a camo scent lok suit. He had a whole box so I snapped it up on the spot. At this price it was a no brainer. These are comparable in weight to winter weight BDUs with an activated charcoal fabric liner. They are good quality and are wind rain resistant. You can wash them normally with unscented soap but AIR DRY them (do not use the dryer) to reactivate them after extended use. I looked up Aramid and it is a Combo fiber. These are a fire resistant NOMEX Kevlar fiber link is below.

PACKAGED IN VACUM SEALED SHRINKWRAP CONDITION - Originally packaged by the British government in vacuum-sealed airtight shrink-wrap. The set you see has been taken out for photographs, but you will receive sealed, never been opened packages, one with the trousers and the other with the smock/coat. These suits were packaged back in 1987 and some a bit earlier.

BRAND: Genuine NBC Army Issued Surplus
SIZE: Height 180 / Breast: 100 (Approx. Men's LARGE SIZE)
COLOR: Woodland Camouflage
STYLE: Camo NBC Hunting Shirt w/ Hood & Trousers Field Combo

92% Meta-Aramid Fiber (NOMEX)
5% Para-Aramid Fiber (KEVLAR)
2% Conducive Charcoal Fiber lining

Velcro Side Cargo Pockets
Built-In Suspenders
Velcro Strap Adjustable Waist
Velcro Combat Double Leg Straps -Tightens the pant around the boot
Thin inside lining of charcoal fiber that keeps blocking out human scent


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