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ATTENTION Vets, Active Duty, and MMA fans - Need your help!

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by bogey3737, Jun 1, 2009.

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    A good friend of mine owns a business that makes military / MMA-themed apparel and sponsors MMA fighters. He is currently pitching one of his fighters to fight for the National Guard and needs support from MMA fans, activity-duty personnel, and veterans to make his case.

    What I'm asking for is that you send an e-mail to this address by Tuesday (6/2/09) afternoon, telling the National Guard that you support Tim Kennedy:'s why I want you to do it...

    Tim Kennedy is a decorated combat veteran (Special Forces Operator), top-notch fighter, and dedicated family man. After finishing his degree at Columbia (yes...THAT Columbia)...Tim ENLISTED in the Army, serving with distinction! Who could better represent the values and mission of the National Guard? Here is some further background about Tim:

    Below is some background on RangerUp, the company sponsoring Tim.

    I REALLY do appreciate your support with this...I have no interest in this deal beyond helping friends who have served their country and are chasing the American dream. Please read the information and decide for yourself.

    THANKS, Glock Talk!

    Ranger Up launched on 8 September 2006. We make shirts for the military and the patriotic Americans who love the men and women of the Armed Forces. The guys that own this company either were or are still in the military.

    What Ranger Up Stands For:

    1. AMERICA. Nothing like her anywhere, anytime, in the history of the world.

    2. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Coastguardsmen, Firemen, and Police Officers. Basically, the crazy SOBs that put their lives on the line every day for less pay than they deserve so that we Americans can sit in front of our plasma televisions and watch crappy reality TV shows, drive nice cars, eat great food, and generally not have to worry about anything of substance.

    3. Veterans. From George Washington to the newest recruit and everyone in between – Thank You.

    4. Patriots. We’re talking about the people that believe the Fourth of July is more than just an excuse to set off fireworks, that flying the American Flag all year long is a civic duty, that taking the time to send letters to our troops is an honor, and who realize that America wasn’t forged on the backs of journalists, politicians, or campus rallies, but rather through the suffering and discipline of steely-eyed men who refused to accept defeat.

    5. Dogs. Never trust anyone that doesn’t like dogs. They’re loyal. They’d die for you, and all they want in return is some dried food, some petting, and the occasional piece of bacon.

    6. Reversing the growing oppression of the proletariat in today’s society. We…uhhh…think this is a good idea.

    7. Hot chicks. Honestly, aren’t they the reason we do anything?

    What Ranger Up Despises:

    1. Unappreciative Americans. You know these losers – the guys that profess that America is the worst country ever created, threaten to leave if things continue the way they are, but never do and continue to churn out their 6, 7, and 8 figure salaries, complaining all the way to the bank. Anyone with the balls to compare any of our elected officials to the Nazis should be shot on sight.

    2. France. They never support us. They lose all their wars. They break all kinds of UN trade restriction with our enemies. Their “culture department” made using many English words illegal. All this, and they still have De Gaulle (oh, we’re sorry) to try to play the “high moral ground” card as they take a back seat in the world’s struggle to defeat an enemy that threatens the very fabric of western civilization. We understand they’re busy, but how much time does it take to practice weapons dropping and white-flag waving?

    Note: Per the "Hot Chick Rule" we do not consider Hot French Chicks to be part of France.

    3. Officers that roll into Combat Zones the last day of the month and leave the first of the next month. Seriously…We know you guys get a tax break, but come on now, don’t Colonels and Generals make enough to cover their integrity?

    4. Spoiled Rich College Kids. There’s really nothing like hearing a 19-year-old tell you how the world really works, while disregarding your experience overseas. That rocks.

    5. Pseudo-Intellectuals. Particularly anyone that combines any of the following: Econo, geo, political, socio, neo, and landscape OR anyone who uses a philosopher’s name as a descriptive term (Kantian, Machiavellian, and Orwellian are our least favorites). When combined with number 4 (above), we believe this is a crime against humanity.

    6. Actors. We prefer puppets.

    7. Paper Cuts. They really, really sting.