attacked by baby slider turtles

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    Just kidding I just wanted people to read this. If anyone has info on this subject will you please help. As a kid I always had pet turtles and about a month ago I was at a mall in the Houston area and there was a mall vendor that a bunch of tiny baby slider tutles for sale (little bigger than a quarter) I am aware that it is illegal to sell turtles less than 4 inches but I wanted to get one of these turtles for my daughter but when we went back the vendor was gone. stores like petsmart and petco don't sell baby turltes. i found one on e-bay but the guy wants $20 for the turtle + $30 for shipping I am not spending $50+ on a turtle. So if anyone knows any where I can purchase one of these turtles around south Texas I would appreciate it very much. Thank you for reading all of this.
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    Hey there.....

    There is a guy here on this board that breeds turtles, and knows all about them. His user name is B27......and he has posted here in the Critter Corner......he posted not long ago with a thread called "My Herd".......

    Just go thru all the posts here in the Critter Corner and send him a PM....I think he will be able to help you......

    Edited to are the pics of B27's "herd".......