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Atlantis all gay cruise line ad

  1. Everyone sign up.Make sure to let them know where you saw the ad.I am joking, WTF.Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  2. Them gays like to party and tend to have disposable income....

    I'm waiting for the broke ass parents of young children cruise
  3. PLEASE!!!! Let me know when this happens. ;)

  4. Ha-Ha....go on the gay cruise and get back to us all if your definition of "brokeass" has changed a little bit.:couch:
  5. Mainstreaming unnatural behavior. Rome part duex
  6. I’ll see ya on that one!
  7. Man they better staff some bouncers.
  8. And another potentially excellent thread banished to the Furball Forum to die a lo death....seems like the mods are touchy about this stuff...does it ever make you wonder??:aodnsb:
  9. That would be a “crappy” cruise.
  10. If the ship starts to sink, how do they determine - women first.
  11. Celebrating mental illness instead of treating it. Shameful.
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