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    It was written by George Frenn, a former powerlifter. He is full of crap. Louie Simmons has never taken credit for coming up with the name Westside Barbell Club. If the name wasn't trademarked or copyrighted, Frenn has no claim. And claims is exactly what his diatribe contains - claims, not facts. In numerous articles, Louie has credited Bill West as having the original WBC in Culver City, CA. He has always freely credited those who give him his ideas. Louie has clearly credited Bill West and the other from the original Westside Barbell for giving him the idea to box squat, the Finns for sled dragging, Dick Hartzell for bands, Larry Pacifico and Bill Seno for the emphasis on tricep training to improve the bench, et cetera.

    Louie has also said that there are no new ideas, and that he takes what he learns from others and incorporates into his training. Box squats certainly predate George Frenn, anyway. There is documentation of them being done in the 50s, and they almost certainly predate that decade. I don't recall any article by Louie Simmons where he claimed to invent anything besides his reverse hyper machine (and that claim is only to the machine itself, not the exercise).

    How many champions has George Frenn trained? How much has he given back to the sport? Louie will give free training advice to anyone who calls, no matter how green they are, and has never charged a cent for it. He allows his articles to be posted all over the Internet at no charge. His interest is in helping others get stronger. He has coached dozens of lifters to their Elite ranking, and to many national and world records.

    Frenn sounds like a bitter old man. And he did not write the original powerlifting rulebook. It was written by Don Haley.