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    One day a boy and his parents were at the zoo. They were standing in front of the elephant pen when the boy's dad went to get some peanuts to feed the elephants. While he was gone the boy asked his mother, "mom, whats that big long thing on the elephant?" His mother replied, "well son thats his trunk." The boy says, "no mom, the big long thing in the back."
    His mother says, "why thats his tail." "NO MOM", the boy says getting frustrated, "I mean the big long thing in the back between his legs." Embarrassed his mother replies, "Oh, thats nothing." Just then the dad returns and the mother leaves to use the restroom. The boy asks his dad, "dad whats big long thing in the back between the elephant's legs?" His dad replies, "why thats the elephant's ***** son." The boy says, "but mom says its nothing." His dad says proudly, "Son, I spoil that woman."
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    HA HAA! Damnit Oakie! I was eating food when i read that one! I darn near choked myself! ;a ;f