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    A beautiful blonde goes into a bar and sits down next to a guy that's
    so homely looking, he hasn't had a date in over a year, also, he's
    sooooo dumb that one night he slept with a ruler next to his head to see
    how long he slept.

    So he figures that he has absolutely no chance in the world to score a
    date with this ravishing buxom blonde.

    Then suddenly she strikes up a conversation with him and soon they
    become rather chummy.

    It starts to get late and the bartender calls out
    last drink for alcohol, then the blonde leans over to the guy and says,
    "Let's have this last drink at my apartment."

    Taken back by her request, and trembling, the guy finally utters the
    word, "OK."

    They get up from the bar stool arm and arm headed for the door, when the
    blonde stops him and says, "Before we go back to my apartment there's
    one thing I have to tell you, I'm on my menstrual cycle."

    He says,
    ."That's ok, I'll follow you in my Harley."
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