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AT&T U-verse Problems: Dropped Connections

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by dglockster, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. dglockster


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    Sep 19, 2001
    Since I got AT&T U-verse Internet and TV service in February of this year, both of the connections have been dropped well over 50 times and I have had five service calls because of those dropped connections. The last call, about two weeks ago, was by what was called a "senior tech." None of the technicians including the senior tech have been able to find a problem with the setup in my house including the box on the outside rear wall. Two of the techs including the senior tech also checked the AT&T off-site switch box and found no problems there either.

    The senior tech did replace a component in the box on the house although he said there was no indication that it needed to be replaced. Since the service call by the senior tech, dropped connections have decreased but not stopped. There'll be a run of a few days with perfect connection, then the connection will be dropped - sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes up to 30+ minutes. There's also no pattern, connections are dropped in the morning, sometimes, mid-day, and sometimes night. Usually, but not always, after the connection restores itself, it is not dropped again that day.

    Is anyone else who has AT&T U-verse experiencing dropped connections?

    Oh, I had AT&T DSL before and experienced very, very few problems. When I have inquired about going back to DSL, I was told that my original connection was a special and that now I am too far from the box to get DSL service.
  2. noway


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    Dec 14, 2000
    Davie "Cowboy" , FL

    >So are you on dynamic IPs?

    >What type of device is installed on your connection?


    I'm not familiar with U-verse but I figure it's some "special" DSL services that uses PPPoE. Is their an way that you could debug of check if LCP echo request are being enabled and replies.

    repetitive drops and reconnects sounds like a physical layer issues or data-link, so I would hope ATT has checked the line and valid the LCP part of the PPP is working correctly.

    I ran into something similar with bellSouth ( which is now ATT ) and their Edge PPPoE aggregator was dropping LCP echo and not replying. Since I'm using a firewall on a ethernet PPPoE link, I could debug this and increase the LCP timers to compensate for the reconnects.

    Now my session is stable. I 'm still getting bump off like every 4-7days but that could be idle-session limits or some other problems. Before I made the above modifications, I could barely sustain 10-20mins of connectivity.

    btw: BellSouth or as they call themselves " The new ATT" could not isolate the problem and was quick to blame the equipment, even tho the only thing that has changed was their upstream device :dunno: