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Astigmatism and New Sights for my 26/43?

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So I have a pretty decent astigmatism in both eyes, which makes trying to use 3 dot sights a nightmare, especially if shooting both eyes open.

Looking for some night sights to install on my 26 & 43 that will allow quick target acquisition. Still would like to be able to maintain some accuracy, not just minute of pizza pan lol.

Anybody in the same boat and found any good solutions? Any input is greatly appreciated!
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I have the same condition. A recessed tritium vial blooms less in my experience. Most rear night sights do not have a recessed tritium vial. I recently experimented with transparent fingernail polish on my rear sight. It muted the blooming effect and made the front sight look brighter. You may consider this option. I've decided to swap out the sights and go with a front night sight only.
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