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Assorted Benchmades for Sale

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by buckshot, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. buckshot

    buckshot Millennium Member

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    Jun 28, 1999
    Alberta, Canada
    I have the following Benchmade Knives for sale. Unless otherwise stated they are all new, never carried or sharpened and have not been used to cut anything. The edges may have been tested on a sheet of paper or perhaps shaving some hair off my arm but thats all. Most will have been wiped down with a tuffcloth. All include their original box unless otherwise stated. Being Benchmades some of the pocketclips are not perfect, many show a less than perfect finish but this is not due to use.

    550 Griptillian Plain Edge - New Sold

    722 Mel Pardue Axis Lock, Tanto, Plain Edge - New Sold

    804 AFCK II Plain Edge, 154CM, Oval Opener - New Sold

    820 Ascent Clip Point Plain Edge, ATS-34, Round Spyderco Opener - New $ 30.00
    830 Ascent Clip Point Combo Edge, AST-34, Round Spyderco Opener - New Sold

    831 Ascent II Utility, GIN1, plain edge, thumb stud opener - New $ 35.00

    834 Ascent II Oval Opener, 154CM Plain edge - New $ 35.00

    855 Pardue, ATS-34 Plain edge, Black scales - New $ 50.00

    885/00 August 2000 KOTM, Identical to Bluestar but with ATS-34 Steel not 154CM Box is labeled 886 though. - New $ 60.00

    905S Mini Stryker, Combo Edge - New $ 55.00

    941BT-BB Osborne Blue/Black handles, Clip point, BT2 coating, #6 of 50. Lightly carried, looks new except for some rub marks on the pocket clip and a small rub on the end of the blade Sold

    If you would like a picture of any of these I would be glad to take some and email them off to you.

    I am in Canada and I will include airmail shipping in the price. Airmail does not offer insurance or tracking so you assume the risks. If you wish to have it sent out via Expedited parcel ( expected delivery between 6-9 days, tracking #, insurance) then please add $3.00 to the price. If you wish to have it sent out via Expresspost (3-5 days, tracking, insurance) then please add $6.00 to the price.

    I accept international money orders (preferred method) or paypal (+3% please) for payment.

    Thanks for reading, I can be reached at

  2. G19G26

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    Dec 29, 1998
    Just got my 941BT-BB. Buckshot daid a SMALL rub on blade. SMALL, it's INVISIBLE. Knife looks GREAT. I'm super pleased. Quick delivery and good communication.

    I'd buy from him again.

    Thnaks Shane.

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