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ARs/AKs flying off the shelves...

  1. Gun sales are up... but the local store owner tells me he has had the AKs and ARs flying off shelves, and has many models on backorder... Also, according to him, Colt and Bushmaster are producing over double what they do normally.


    Are folks "getting them while they can" or preparing for a SHTF scenario? Is it related to the next election solely, or are their outside factors? What are your thoughts?

    Why not other firearms... pistols, shotguns, rimfire...?
  2. Romney's gun banning history is well known.
  3. biggest reasons-OBAMA-ECONOMY
  4. This news is about 6 months behind the power curve
  5. The thing of it is -- I love those single-shot Contenders, and all the voracious buying of AR's and AK's doesn't seem to be lowering the cost of single-shots one bit... [​IMG]

  6. I've talked with 2 brand new gun owners at the local gun shop, they say it's just not worth taking a chance that you may need a rifle if anything happened, fear of goverment, SHTF, almost anything you can think of is bothering people,

    I better go get a few thousand more rounds of ammo.

  7. It has nothing to do with Romney.

    Fear of an Obama second term is fueling the gun buying spree.
  8. How do you know? How many gun bans have Obama and Romney signed?
  9. Facepalm... not this crap again.

    Which on was in St. Louis at the NRA meeting this year?

    You don't do that if you are planning on gun bans...
  10. Wanna bet? Fear of both of them is driving it. :wavey:
  11. Reagan spoke at an NRA convention in 1983.
  12. It's a little bit of everything. If you can think of a reason, someone out there has probably made a purchase for that reason. The few that have come to me for advise for their first gun in the last few months, has mainly been a general feeling that bad times were on the way.
  13. Well, this isn't 1983.

    In 1983 we didn't have:

    A sunsetted AWB
    a track record of pro gun election wins
    CCW almost completely nationwide, most of it shall issue

    It's the other side that is on the ropes.. and if Romney is as wishy washy as everyone says, he'll see which side his bread is buttered on.
  14. What did we get in 1986?
  15. People know that Obama is a guaranteed win this November. I'm glad I got my last AR put together a couple months ago.
  16. Nothing is guaranteed. But there is a pretty good chance Romney or Obama will win.
  17. i hope nothing gets banned. of course i also hope obama get booted.

    regardless i have wanted to add an AR or two to my collection. but with how things are, who knows when i'll be able to find a job i can afford to buy more guns. or cover all my bills for that matter.
  18. IMHO. It is probably because AR's and AK's are awesome!
  19. Was in a gun shop today and they were talking about nobody buying or even asking about 22's... rifles or pistols.

  20. Perhaps you could expand on the political climate Romney signed the bill under and describe what kind of gun laws would have been passed by the veto proof MA legislature had he not compromised and signed it?

    Or are you only interested in half truths?
  21. What part of "Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts,These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people." do you not understand? :dunno:
  22. that was then this is now

  23. My God, man! He's telling you what you want to hear! That's the only thing Romney's ever done! :faint:
  24. Yep, he's more pro gun than Ted Nugent

    Now. 2013 who knows. :dunno:
  25. When someone changes his mind the right way on this issue he should be congratulated, not beaten up.
  26. sorry I left off the sarcasm icon and the pix of the Etch a Sketch.

    Agree, Mittens signed a perm assault weapons ban in Mass and gave a pro gun speech at the NRA party.

    obama dark or obama lite.... take your pick.

  27. When someone changes their mind by which way the political winds blow, he should not be trusted.
  28. Maybe not, but he is a damn sight more pro gun than Obama
  29. Ha. My last two were 22's. More for me.
  30. Start a rumor that there's an ammunition shortage and see how fast it becomes true.
  31. Ron Paul...

    (I kid, I kid!)
  32. An AK that flies on its own? That is scary. :faint:
  33. So I guess the answer is you're fine with half-truths.

    The simple facts are that the gun owners of MA ended up with a much better situation than they would have had Romney not compromised with the veto proof legislature and passed a law that left them with something. It's certainly not the best situation, but it's better than nothing, which is exactly what they would have been left with.
  34. I'm good as I can out fit a small army! Got plenty of ammo and reloading supplies! So I'll sit this buying spree out and watch all the pin heads get raped! The Feds love it when all the extra taxes come in - this is why the Dumocrats love it -more money to waste!:steamed:
  35. I bought my first AR last summer because I ran out of room in my gun safe designed for hand guns. I enjoy going to the range and felt it was time to expand my collection beyond just semi auto pistols. My justification for selecting a black rifle is this weapon gives me the ability to defend my family if things get that bad and the 223/5.56 round is affordable for the range and effective in a combat role.
  36. Me and three of my friends all purchased their first black rifles in the last month. One S&W, two HSAs, and 1 SCAR. Bernanke called, he said thanks for stimulating the economy.
  37. Even odds right now that we will get to find out how Barry will do in a second term, or Mittens will do in a first term.

    If there is another choice that has a good chance of happening, lets hear it. :dunno:
  38. Did Governor Romney sign an AWB? Yes or No?

    The answer is yes. Not yeah but...
  39. Had he vetoed the bill, would gun laws in MA be better or worse in the end.

  40. Yep. Signing or allowing a bill to pass because you have a veto proof legislature is one thing. Saying THAT while you sign it is a whole 'nother thing.
  41. in past years the gun shops i visit was mostly hunting gear, shotguns-deer rifles etc. That has seriously changed, black rifle sections have pretty much taken over some shops and prices have shot up but they still fly off the shelves.
  42. How about Yes, and a follow up question?

    What does that have to do with the price of tea in china?

    Yes he signed one, yes, there are two different ways to look at it, and no I do not like him for it. That and Obamacare oops, I mean Romneycare are some pretty good reasons to not like the guy.

    I get it. Looks like I am going to vote for Paul as a protest vote in the Texas Primary, since everyone else has dropped out. We'll see how that goes.

    But in the General, I'll be voting, and for one of the viable candidates. If that only includes Barry and Mittens, I'll vote for Mittens. Not a perfect, or even fair scenario, but if it's the best you can get, it's the best you can get.

    Unless you have a reasonable alternative option. I'd love to hear it if you do.
  43. I go in a local gun shop to look and talk to shooting buds. The last 5 days I was in someone was buying a self/home defense gun. I only stay about 15 minutes. Squirrel rifles and quail shot guns are not movers.

  44. Then I take it you don't trust Paul? He's done this numerous times in his political career....Supports Reagan, doesn't support Reagan, is a Republican, now a Liberaltarian, back to a Republican, supports illegal immigration bills, then suddenly doesn't support it as a border fence would "keep Americans in."

    Holds hands with Barney Frank, one of the most extreme Socialist liberals in history, hires 14 "experts" to draft his and Franks "anti-war" bill, with 13 of the "experts" paid for by George Soros and moveon.org, etc.

    I could write a 300 page novel on Paul's flip-flopping, and "changing his mind as the political wind blows." :faint:
  45. Everyone's getting stocked up for the Zimmerman acquittal celebrations, I see.

  46. I don't suppose I'll be getting an AK for $239 again any time soon ....:whistling:


  47. I'll let you know as soon as I finish my time machine... :supergrin:

  48. Yep. First it was " If Obama gets elected he is going to ban/take our guns." Didn't happen.
    Now it is, " If Obama gets a second term he will have nothing to lose, and he will ban/take our guns."

  49. Fortunately, subversive actions such as OF&F blew up in Obama and Holder's faces. SCOTUS decisions in D.C. and Chicago didn't help (though the FedGov did what it could to lend assistance to the antis).

    Clearly, leftist agenda items such as nationalized health care, promoting racial and socioeconomic divisiveness, crushingly regulating non-favored industries into extinction, etc., have been occupying most of Obama's time this term.

  50. No doubt. If they had been able to scream from the rooftops about all the black rifles pouring into mexico, there may have been real trouble.