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Army Casualty Blankets, misc. medical stuff

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Flotsam, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Casualty blanket: heavy-duty aluminzed plastic blanket - OD on one side, silver on the other, edges reinforced w/ binding tape, grommets for use as a lightweight tarp. Measures 84"x56" - $10, delivered CONUS

    Pic of Casualty Blanket

    USGI Medical Waterproof bag: similar to dry bags used for rafting, etc… Rectangular, made of black rubberized cloth, w/ carrying handle & shoulder straps. Approx. 18”x12”x9”

    $15, delivered by FedEx ground
    Waterproof Bag Pic

    Army Stretcher –collapsible, approx. 90”long x 20”wide

    $20 – available for pickup in CT only (shipping is outrageous on these)
    Stretcher Pic

    MAST antishock trousers new, w/ carry bag, pump & instruction card

    $60, delivered by FedEx Ground

    Anti-shock trousers Pic

    Air Splints - Includes long leg, short leg, ankle, short arm & long arm inflatable splints. Also included is a disposable cervical collar. - $25, delivered CONUS

    Blow Out Kit, First Aid Kit: Includes USGI First Aid Pouch, triangular bandage, battle dressing, 4"x4yd bulky gauze dressing, 4" elastic (ace-type) bandage. 2"x6' gauze bandage. mylar emergency blanket & empty pill vial - $16, delivered CONUS

    Pic of Blow Out Kit

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