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Armscor .45

  1. Mga Sir, tulong naman, pls. tinanggal ko lahat ng parts ng frame ng item ko, madumi kasi. Nakalimutan ko na ibalik ang mga tamang position ng mga parts. is there anyone send me images or manual parts of it. Thanks:) :hugs:
  2. Are you from Tugegarao?
    If so , ang ganda jan sa Norte - from Vizcaya to Tug and Cagayan area
    Hope to be back soon w/ my bike

    not sure if magandang idea ikaw mag assemble ulit
    Ask a local cop ( preferably high ranking ) where they have their guns fixed
  3. The links below show how to completely strip a Kimber. I dont think your pistol has a firing pin block so you can skip that step. I have an old army maintenance manual that shows the steps too but its in .PDF form and I dont know how to upload it here...

    Heres a link that shows disassembly:

    And the assembly link:

    I hope that helps...
  4. I hope there won't be any extra parts when you're done.
    Good luck.
  5. :laughabove:

    I hope you haven't gone so far as to diss. the MSH.
    That is a bear to get back together, for me.

    dv8's very useful links point to a 1911 with an FLGR,
    although I'm guessing your Armscor is an old-school
    plug and bushing design. Just Google "1911 disassembly",
    and you'll get lots of results for a more mil-spec
    1911 design.

    If in doubt, go with good old Allegra's advice.
    Get a pro to reassemble your blaster.
  6. Thanks for the valuable inputs that you shared.
  7. Ok na ang Frame ko na-assemble ko na madali lang pala. Thank you very much. Hindi ko pa nai-test fire. but i notice yun firing pin ko hindi ata nakalabas man lang kahit konti? baka hindi maabot ang bala, hindi pumutok?
  8. talagang ganyan. the firing pin travels forward bec of inertia from the hammer strike. i too have an armscor practical standard and i am very happy with its performance. the only thing i changed was the recoil spring.:)
  9. DO the pencil test.
    Make sure firearm is unloaded.........

    Put a pencil inside the barrel thru the muzzle. Cock hammer and pull trigger. Pag tumalsik lapis mo, ok ang FP.

    Did I mention make sure firearm is unloaded?!?!?!?!
  10. Next time, if you can afford it, get a Glock. They are much easier to take apart and put back together.
  11. Ok ang pencil test ah! Thanks ulit. pwede isa pa tanong? Ano b ang difference ng Blu finish & Black chrome? magkano ang pagawa ng each
  12. Mas madali sagutin yan.
    Ang blue kulay bughaw,
    ang black kulay itim.
    Mas makintab nag itim.

    Hintayin na lang natin ang mga experts.
  13. usually P750 singil ng blueing and parkerizing. around 5-6k naman pag black chrome. regular hard chrome (silver/white) finish goes for around 3-4k. the fancy titanium, ala damascus and teflon/polymer coated finishes goes for around that price ranges, too.

    for a heavy use pistol, hard chroming (the white finish) is the most durable. improperly done, a black chrome finish will tend to peel off.

    a nicely done blued steel pistol is a thing of beauty.

    here are some nice examples of the different finishes:

    pogi's sps open pistol which is currently blued pending final black chroming. (don't do it fafa! the finish is still exellente!)

    here is a perfectly done hard chrome finished pistol, Corky's Remington Rand 1911

    arpee's sti spartan finished in bead blasted blueing

    django's open pistol hard chromed with mirror-polished flats

    my Imperial Defence Ranger 1911 cum STI Trojan clone in black chrome finish

    Taurus' Colt series 70 1911 finished in black chrome with mirror-polished flats

    I'll post other examples later, got to work first...
  14. doc, saan ka nakabili ng sti grips para sa 1911 mo?

  15. pag black chrome, gaano katagal b4 it wwill peel off, as what you say sir, mga 5k b? Attach is my Armscor .45 standard. Can you suggest what is nice for my item. Thanks.:)
  16. 5k na rounds? aba iputok mo pa baril mo. kahit mga 10k rounds ok pa finish ng baril mo. kahit pa abutin siguro ng 20 k rounds yan, ok pa rin finish mo. yung pagbaklas kabit mo pa ang pwedeng sumira sa baril mo.:rofl:
  17. sir ibanag, you now have a full-blown case of 1911A1 syndrome! :laughabove:
  18. ipa hardchrome mo na lang, kesa antayin mo pang mag peel off ang baril mo pag naka blackchrome. sasama lang loob mo at doble gastos. kung meron nga lang BLACK T finish dito sa pinas eh, yan ang mas kursunada ko BLACK T. kaso wala ata. iba naman kasi dito yung tinatawag nilang teflon finish, malayo sa itsura ng BLACK T.
  19. +10 ako sa sinabi mo Mr. Ante.

    Meron bang marunong or may link dito ng pag-aassemble at disassembly ng FEG APK9S or Walther PPK clone.


  20. Maybe this will help:
    PPK assembly
  21. Eto sample ng black chrome upper and titanium gray chrome lower.