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ARMS 22M68 Mount for Aimpoint. Mounted w/ my Aimpoint Comp M3

30mm Throw Lever Ring, designed for the Aimpoint Comp M series & Trijicon TriPower TX30. The ARMS unique ring saddle allows for optimum surface contact for the most secure fit. Ultra rugged and low mounting that can also be modularly raised via optional spacer platforms. ARMS patented Throw Lever system guarantees easy on and off repeat zero. Built in no mar patented buffer pad. 22M68 Spacers also available for added height.

Also have the full spacer attached to it.

22M68F - Full Spacer (Top Image) - Adds height to the 22M68 Aimpoint mount. The spacer is only needed if you're not using a Swan Sleeve or the S.I.R. System on an M16/AR-15. Also works with 22TX30 TriPower Mount.

$75 shipped.. PayPal.
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