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In a fit of nostalgia I bought a Charter Arms .44 Special Bull Dog.
Haven't had a .44 Special for 25 years.

Digging deeply, I recovered some .44 S ammo, including some I quit using
because it is, I recall, "armor piercing". I tried to research the
prohibition and failed to find clear guidance. When I packed it away,
I was afraid using it could make me a criminal.

Will you please re-inform me as to the federal law and tell whether
any successful prosecutions have been made of citizens using it for
self defense? I do not think my state, Texas, has a law addressing this.

Thank you for all you do for us!

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Quick Google search for arrests for armor piercing ammo turns up almost 2 million links. IMHO, best thing to do is take that ammo to a range (with a VERY sturdy backstop!) and turn it into once-fired brass.
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