ARMALASER -- KelTec Glock Kahr Instant-On Touch-Sensitive Tactical Laser

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    We're proud to be a sponsor for Glock Talk and would like to introduce our hi-tech solution to incorporate laser targeting technology to today's polymer-based concealeable pistols.


    KelTec: P32/P3AT
    Kahr: Most polymer models
    Glock: Most models including sub-compacts (26/27/33)

    Our patented touch sensitive technology allows a button-free
    instant-on firing of the laser. Here is an excerpt from our website (

    >Touch Sensor - utilizing human touch conductivity technology. >Simply touch metal sensor (basically as soon as finger enters >trigger guard) and laser will activate.

    >Windage adjustable. 635nm 3mW. Comes in tough polymer box, >die-cut foam padding, owners manual, 4 Varta V357 cells, 2 >identical 1/16’’ hex keys, 3 Black Oxide tempered steel pins >with hex screws, laser adjustment set screw, 2 FDA Class 3R >Laser Warning Stickers. $139 plus $6 Shipping. Made in USA.

    Please see the reviews below and don't hesitate to contact us for further info.

    Sandy Wiggs
    ArmaLaser Inc.