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Armada Global Basic Pistol Class May 14-15 Altoona, PA

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    Trainer: Armada Global
    Address: 301 Riggles Gap Sportsmen Rd
    City: Altoona
    State: Pennsylvania
    Cost: $250.00

    Armada Global's 2 day Basic Pistol course has been scheduled for 14 and 15 May 2011 in Altoona, PA. The course costs $250 per person. Students are expected to bring concealed carry firearm and 500 rounds of factory ammunition. Topics covered will include:

    --Drawing from concealment
    --Shooting on the move
    --Shooting from behind cover
    --Engaging multiple targets
    --Timed shooting
    --Shoot no shoot scenarios
    --Force on Force training using real action markers

    On day one, students will engage in classroom instruction and be taught techniques. Instruction will be followed by dry fire practice and then live fire training. Day two will be predominantly live fire training.

    There are no prerequisites for this class and those who've never shot a pistol before are welcome and encouraged to attend. Minimum of five students needed to confirm class.

    Contact to register or to seek additional information.