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Booneville, Logan County, AR
Anyone in this area? Moved here 3 years ago from Fla. Please don't ask why. I havent figured that out yet? Takes some time gettin used to the cold. Any local turkey or coyote hunters?

Fish,Hunt,Reworm, Reload,Sleep. What a Life!

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Fayetteville here were having another tea party at the Washington co fairgrounds jul 4th 10:00to 1:00pm.
Bella Vista is having one in the Allen's/Sonic/Sugar Creek parking area. There will also be an Icaucus group looking for support there and at the fairgrounds in Fayetteville along with the rest of the T-party supporters. Get as many involved as you can! There will be many things go down hill faster than we would like if we don't keep standing up to Washington and the corruption it brings down on us. :steamed:
Laurie Masterson did a great job on the tax day T-party in Fayetteville off of the square and this one should drawn even a greater crowd if people will act before it's too late! :wow:

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Hello to everyone in Arkansas, specifically the Northeast,

My name is Jim Magee, and I teach high school science in Brookland. I am also the head coach for our schools Trap Shooting team, the Brookland Bearcats. This is our second year to compete in the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program (AYSSP), and we were fortunate enough to have 3 squads of students go to regional tournament last year, and 1 squad qualify to go to the state tournament.

Like most schools, this is an activity that does not receive any funding through the school budget. Everything we need we have to pay for with money raised through sponsorships and fundraisers. We were very fortunate last year to have 23 students on our roster, and feel even more fortuante that this year we have had 71 students sign up and ask to be on the team. We do not want to turn any students away, but this means that we will have to do even better with our fundraising this year.

On Saturday, October 17th, we will be having aour big Fall fundraiser.

"Friends & Family BBQ, and Fun Shoot".
It will be an open schedule event from 10:00am til 5:00pm.
It will be at our newly constructed (mostly complete!) trap range east of Brookland on East School Street (1831 CR 936)
Ticket cost is as follows:
$20 ticket: 1 meal, 1 box of shells (12 or 20 gauge), 1 round of Trap
$15 ticket: 1 box of shells (12 or 20 gauge) and 1 round of Trap
$8 ticket: 1 meal

Myself, and 1 other assistant coach are NRA certified shotgun instructors and will be on hand to offer tips and pointers to those who want them.

This will be an outdoors "picnic" type event, so bring a blanket and maybe a chair. Plan to get comfortable, hang out, shoot some Trap, and stay a while.

At 2pm there will be a main event "Faculty vs. Students" shoot off. 5 of the students who went to regionals will shoot in a match against 5 faculty members voted on by the students.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to email me here, or through our team email address at:
[email protected]

Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Jim Magee
Head Trap Coach
Brookland Bearcats Trap Team
Brookland High School
100 West School Street
Brookland, AR 72417
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