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are there any MD's on the forum

  1. hi are there any Medical Doctors on the forum , I need some medical advise ,
    can some please assist me , many thanks
  2. This won't go well. Go see a doctor or use teledoc.
  3. No... I wanna see this one play out!

    I'm laying in my hammock with nothing better to do. I need entertainment!
  4. OP-

    I'm not a doctor, but I'm a pretty bad hypochondriac, so I've likely researched whatever it is that's ailing you...

    Might be able to help.
  5. Post a pic of what hurts, with a dollar bill next to it. Dr. Upgrayedd is here to help.
  6. hi guys , all kidding aside. well local clinic I went to is closed down, I live in a high virus area in NY so hospital is out, could use some advise from a MD , on a over the counter pain killer for a bad back to hold my over.

    many thanks,
  7. Aleve. Trust me. Bad scoliosis here. Naproxen is the only thing that works.
  8. Yep, aleve (naproxen) is good.

    Taking any other medications, op? You always want to be careful taking nsaids with certain prescriptions.
  9. Did you just hurt it? Ice!
    Has it been hut for a while? Gentle heat!
    Try to rest also, but keep moving.
  10. hi , I am taking IBUPROFEN , cannot stay it it long makes my loopy.
    I ran out of tylenol / codeine,
    clinic closed in February , they no longer do pain magament
    seeking another over the counter pain relief.
    seeking relief
  11. How about just extra strength Tylenol? Also, any pharmacist will be able to help you pick a good otc. I'd go to a Walgreens and ask them.
  12. ice never worked for me , if I was not in the virus zone or I would go to a chiropractor
    for moist heat or the hospital . this flares up two or three times a year usually goes away in a week , not this time , looking to try something over the counter, new
  13. Just what is needed. Medical advice on a gun forum. What could go wrong?
  14. Go talk to a pharmacist. You're going to have to go there anyway to get the pills.
  15. Do not take any aspirin or Ibuprofen if taking any thing containing naproxen. The headache you will get will be worse than your back ache!
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Booze seems to work for some...
  18. I've been in medicine for 35 years and would ask the same question I ask the few patients that need a recommendation. "What have you taken in the past that helps?"

    Without knowing your medical history, especially if there IS some, only a fool is gonna give you any recommendation.

  19. Obviously don't do this.
  20. Or assume the liability for any advice. Anybody that gets "loopy" from ibuprofen should probably avoid NSAIDs altogether until they can see someone to manage their case.
  21. Speaking of doctors, anybody hear from PicardMD? Last seen on the forum back in August, I think.
  22. hi , the "loopy" from ibuprofen happens after a week or more of use , it take some time
  23. I am sure GT is not in your network and your co-pay is required.
  24. I find generic icy hot works better than any pills and should not have any side effects. Sometimes it gets very hot though and sometimes not at all. I think it depends on how oily your skin is.

    I general NSAIDs do nothing for me, I cannot even tell I took them.

    Muscle relaxers work better than pain meds for me also but my back problems are generally muscular.

    If you do go to a doc, I would recommend you ask for help fixing your back not asking for pain relief. They are very sensitive to those asking for relief and likely won't give you anything.

    You could also try meditation, it works better than I would have thought.
  25. Bad back - You go to a doctor. Workup with MRI and Physical Medicine Doctor. He coordinates with Physical therapist. Doctors have moved from back surgery and needle sticks to whole body approach with a pill form that works like cortisone. Very dangerous medicine. Back pain should go away totally. Serious side effects, very serious. I am 2 months past this treatment and still dealing with side effect. If I thought that there were any short cut with an over-the-counter medication, I sure as h--- would have done it. Doesn't exist.
  26. Is it a disc problem or muscle spasm?
  27. The best OTC NSAID pain/anti-inflamatory drug I have ever used I got in Mexico when I had a tooth implant. I had zero pain with either the tooth removal or the implant and credit that to the Dorixina the doc prescribed to me (not that you need a script to get it in Mexico).

    Dorixina (Clonixin lysine). https://www.drugs.com/international/dorixina.html

    My GF was having major issues at the time with plantar fasciitis and nothing she got here either OTC or by prescription worked for her. She tried some of my Dorixina and it relieved her pain. I made another trip to Algodonos and stocked up on Dorixina and that is what she used for months during the process of getting her off the knee walker (her plantar fasciitis really was that bad).

    I have no idea why Dorixina is not sold in the USA, it is much more effective at pain management than all of the other NSAIDs I have tried, without adding the issues of opiates.

    Dorixina Relax (Clonixin lysine plus Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride) adds a muscle relaxant effect. This might be even more effective for your issues. I have never used this version so no experience to report.

    Too bad the border with Mexico is closed till the end of October due to Covid.
  28. hi , a radiculopathy with musule spasm fist, twice a year its last longer than a few days this is one of those times
  29. Is this your lower back?
  30. hi yes , lower lumbar
  31. Can you drive or have someone else drive you to an area that can help you, Like Vermont or maybe NJ? Not sure if you mean NY City or somewhere in NY state.
  32. I've had two back surgeries...L4-5. Before surgeries I would go to a chiropractor for spine alignment (vibration while sitting) and ice and elec stimulation. Worked wonders. I am a retired ICU RN.
  33. Know any good physical therapists? I have something similar with my neck. Spurs up higher in the front and diminished disc space down lower in the neck. Nerves get pinched and the side of my face, arm and leg start going all tingly. Did some P/T and have a coupe of neck exercises to do. I put a heating pad on my neck before going to bed to help loosen the neck muscles. I also have a TENS unit that I can attach the pads to the side of my neck and upper back muscles to help keep the muscles from knotting up. I just have to be careful on the placement of the pads on the side of the neck.
  34. I had a herniated/bulging disc L 4-5. Lower back bothered me for years. Doctors kept giving me Percocet/Vicodin and the muscle relaxant Flexeril. On the advice from a couple guys at work, I got an inversion table and it stopped my back pain. But 2 different doctors I asked about inversion tables said they could not recommend one. I guess not, it puts them out of business.
  35. I recently purchased one for my herniated discs and it has been a game changer!

  36. I think he mentioned that he is pretty busy with COVID stuff.
  37. OP, I'm not qualified to give you any medical advice, but I hope you find a treatment that makes the pain go away.

    I'm sorry that you are dealing with this. Pain sucks. I hope you feel better soon!
  38. That's what I was thinking but haven't caught any of his posts for awhile.
  39. Please see @FullClip at the front desk concerning your co-pay.
  40. Best answer in the thread. :goodpost:
  41. OP, need any help selling junk on Fleabay? I can offer actual professional advice concerning that particular topic. :thumbsup:
  42. 104476436_10164233685625724_3386802841164631472_n.jpg
  43. Only on page 2/3.
    Baloney-speak placebo effect?
    Going "loopy" on OTC NSAID?
    Um, something else is going on if that's an honest characterization of OTC NSAID effect....

  44. I need this, as it is described. Ummm.....
  45. Have you tried a fentanyl patch? That should get you through until you can see a provider. Just kidding.
  46. Good luck OP. Naproxen, a NSAID like ibuprofen but different for me. Vivid colorful nightmares. Holy crap! No more.
  47. Go to the street and score some oxy or heroin.